In an interview for MotorTrend, Dr. Friedrich Nitschke, BMW M CEO, says that the new BMW M3 and BMW M4 will make their public debut at the 2014 Detroit Auto Show.

The web debut and potentially a brief public appearance will take place this year.

On the topic of turbocharged engines, Dr. Nitschke reassures the demanding M customers that the “the new M3 will have one of the best engines” M has ever have ever built.


The next interesting tidbit is in regards to the lightweight of the M4 Coupe which Dr. Nitschke says it will be lighter than the upcoming BMW 435i Coupe. The weight savings come from the extensive use of carbon fiber parts (as confirmed to us back in 2012):

We will use lightweight parts in the places where it matters, at the ends of the car and high up, and in high-rpm parts of the powertrain. A carbon fiber roof, of course, and aluminum and magnesium and carbon fiber in the crash zones. An aluminum hood, and a new carbon fiber trunk lid.

What about successor to the hugely popular BMW 1M? The so called M2 seems to not be yet greenlighted, but Dr. Nitschke leaves the door open for the possible M2, including the name.

There’s no decision yet. But I absolutely want to develop a successor model to the 1 Series M Coupe. I have all the components I need – the powertrain, chassis. In the near future you will know. We can’t call it the M1, because that number is for the special mid-engined car, but there is M2, isn’t there?

With carbon fiber and lightweight being two of common things between the M and i sub-brands, a natural question arises: will we see an M version of the i8? An M hybrid?

It’s not necessary. The i brand represents those cars for BMW. Sure, a lightweight lithium-ion battery is useful, not for drive but for auxiliary functions and support systems. But there’s no M hybrid in the near future.