Formula 1 boss speculates that BMW could make a return to F1 in the near future as Honda are doing. For City AM newspaper, Ecclestone says would be “surprised” if BMW did not revive their Formula One effort.

“I think they could come in,” he added. “The amount of money they spent was not significant in the grand scheme of things. It makes sense for them to return.”

BMW pulled out of F1 in 2009, just four years after purchasing the Sauber team and splitting with Williams. At the time of the announcement, BMW blamed the exit mostly on the economic downturn and the refocus on sustainable project.


BMW also supplied engines to Ecclestone’s Brabham team from 1982 to 1987, during which time Nelson Piquet won the drivers’ championship.

BMW returned to F1 with Williams in 2000 but split with them after six years, and shortly after they took over the Sauber team.

BMW Sauber’s first race victory came in the 2008 Canadian Grand Prix, the team achieving a one-two finish with Robert Kubica’s first race win and Nick Heidfeld taking second place. BMW also gave Sebastian Vettel his F1 debut at Indianapolis in 2007.

Over the years BMW continued to deny a possible return to F1 and BMW’s Motorsport Director, Jens Marquardt, has ruled out returning to F1  in the medium term: “In July of 2009, a very clear decision was made. This (decision) stands. We are very well positioned in terms of our motor sport programme and this is not going to change at all in the medium term.”

BMW currently focuses on the popular DTM touring car series.

For now, we are labeling Ecclestone’s statement as just a simple speculation.

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[Source: NBC Sports]