BMW Performance Driving School instructor Johan Schwartz sets a new world record in the BMW M5 by drifting 51.278 miles — 322.5 laps, all on his home turf at the BMW Performance Center.

Here is what Johan had to say after the event:

Thanks for all the congrats and support. What a day!

I am proud of Saturday for many reasons. Obviously, I am proud for the new Guinness Book of World Record Drift, 51.278 miles (82.506 kilometers), but more importantly for the friends and sponsors who were able to attend, for the opportunity to give hot lap rides after the record drift and all the money that was raised for the BMW Charity Pro Am. This would not have been possible without the support of the BMW Performance Center and crew! Wow, the day went by so fast!


Here are the most common questions that I was asked after the event:

What made you stop at 51.278 miles? Our goal was initially 40 miles, while out there we decided to go for 50 miles and then when things got cleared to drift on the big corner with smokey tires, we got a little over 51 miles. I had to leave some time as I had promised some supporters of the event a hot lap in the BMW M3 before the day was over. We had fuel to go another 43 miles, so we are ready for more next time ;-).

How many sets of tires did you use? One set, the guys at the BMW Performance Center are great and master many skills, but changing tires while the car is drifting is a skill that they have not mastered yet ;-). This record was for the Guinness Book of Records for one continuous drift.

What kind of tires did you use? Continental Sports Contacts front 255/30/20 rear 295/30/20. Great tires and gave me incredible grip for the whole drift.

Did you get dizzy?….no, I could walk a straight line perfectly ;-)

How many laps did you drift on the skid pad? 322 laps

Was the M5 stock? Yes completely, just changed the oil and checked the fluids before the sideway driving started. Pretty amazing car.

The car is now on display at the BMW Charity Pro Am tournament and still has the tires on from the drift record. Tomorrow I leave for Texas to run the US Formula 1 track in Austin for the first race in the Sneed for Speed World Challenge MINI. When I return, I will have more pictures, links and a video from the World Record Drift Event.

Thanks again!

Until next time!

[Photos: Palbay]