Despite being a BMW-centric website, we do enjoy other cars as well, and one of our favorites brands just debuted an exciting model at the 2012 Paris Auto Show. The McLaren P1 supercar is the successor of the legendary F1 model and it was built with two characters: road and track.

The gorgeous orange-black combination attracted thousands of visitors and sources say, the car is nearly 97 percent close to production design.

McLaren P1 was designed from the outset to prioritize aerodynamic performance and spent many hours in a wind tunnel and using CFD (computational fluid dynamics) aerodynamic modelling – just like a Formula One car. The new McLaren P1 has much higher levels of downforce than any current road car – 600kg is achieved well below maximum speed.

The glasshouse was inspired by the canopies of fighter jets, giving the occupants similar sensations to a pilot. The windscreen is deeper than it is wide, creating a feeling of lightness and airiness inside.

Deliveries are expected to commence in late 2013, the year of McLaren’s 50th anniversary.