How does a $100,000 car drive like? Well, we already answer that here and here. But how does a $100k car look like? In the video below, BMWNA and DrivesTV, take us around and inside the new BMW M6 Coupe to showcase some of its unique design cues and craftsmanship.

Design wise, the new BMW M6 sports a much more aggressive front-end that dominates the road with its air intakes and the road-focused design of the hood. The kidney grille also received a fresh design with paired blacked out kidney grille slats take their cues from the characteristic double-spoke design of the M light-alloy wheels. The newly designed M kidney grille now bears an M6 badge.

At the rear, the new M6 sports a lower profile and a redesigned diffuser. The taillights continue to wrap around the body, but with the L-shape now continuing onto the trunk.

The 2013 BMW M6 shines with its interior design which can be described as extremely sporty and luxurious. The driver-oriented cockpit reminds of the sporty allure of the M6, while the luxurious and premium feel are given by the newly developed M sports seats, Merino extended leather upholstery, door sills with “M6” lettering, an M driver’s footrest, exclusive carbon fiber interior trim and the BMW Individual roof liner in Anthracite.

Let’s have a look.