Scott Pruett, the American racing driver who has competed in NASCAR, Champ Car, IMSA, Trans-Am and Grand-Am, takes the new BMW M5 for a few laps at Laguna Seca.

In the first video, we can take a closer look at the multi-link rear suspension and the braking system during the Laguna Seca hot lap. The suspension features components whose weight has been optimized for performance characteristics. The shock absorbers are electronically controlled and the steering is M specific Servotronic.

BMW’s F10 M5 also feature a rear sub-frame bolted directly to the frame. There is no rubber or even urethane bushings to offer any cushioning, and as a result this typical race car setup will allow for direct, precise road feel from the rear.

BMW have installed brakes which feature the combination of an aluminum hub with an outer steel rotor. The rotor is mounted to the hub via 16 steel pins which allow for up to 1 mm of expansion between the hub and rotor as they expand at varying rates based on their respective metallurgy.

The second video shows us again the track capabilities of the F10 M5 and how it can go from a daily driver to a highly driftable machine in no time.

[Video: DrivesTV]