Akrapovic releases a video of their Auspuffsystem Evolution exhaust system for the new F10 M5. Just like their exhaust for the M6 MotoGP Safety Car, the new exhaust system gives the M5 a power boost of 10hp and 17Nm of torque (12.5 lb-ft), while shaving about 12kg (26 pounds) of weight when compared to the “standard” exhaust.

The company says that “the new Evolution exhaust system consists of newly developed dual-outlet mufflers with exhaust valves, flow-optimized pipes, and a unique cast titanium X-shaped part with resonators. The X-pipe, valves, and flange assembly are produced in our foundry.”

The sporty exhaust system not only improves the overall power output, but also gives the M5 more power and torque across the entire range of RPMs.