In addition to the new M6 coupe and convertible scheduled to appear at the BMW CCA Legends Of The Autobahn concours during Monterey Auto week in August, BMW CCA executive director Frank Patek has confirmed two more special cars: the BMW Zagato coupe which recently caused a sensation at Villa d’Este, and a one-off M car which was hidden away for nearly twenty years: the BMW M8.

Zagato Coupe

The Zagato coupe is the latest marriage of Italian design and Bavarian engineering. As a concept show car, it is a singular product—but it could easily become reality, filling a special niche in the BMW lineup previously held by the M coupe.


The M8 was said to have been destroyed; in the files of BMW of North America, there was only one aged photograph of the car. But in 2009, it was discovered and presented during a journalists’ dinner at the BMW Museum in Munich, to much amazement and acclaim—and now it will appear at the Legends concours in August.

The BMW CCA Legends Of The Autobahn concours takes place at the Rancho Cañada golf course on Friday, August 17.

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