Mercedes Leads BMW in U.S. Sales

News | May 3rd, 2012 by 9
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In April, U.S. sales of Mercedes vehicles rose to 22,336 (24%) giving the Stuttgart-based automaker a lead for the year over BMW which sold 21,062 vehicles …

In April, U.S. sales of Mercedes vehicles rose to 22,336 (24%) giving the Stuttgart-based automaker a lead for the year over BMW which sold 21,062 vehicles in the same month.

In the first quarter of the year, BMW had a slight lead over Mercedes, with 36 vehicles sold more than its competitor.

For the year, Mercedes sales are up 17 percent or 83,849 units, giving them a lead of 1,238 units over BMW which sales are up 16 percent this year.

bmw mercedes benz11

Lexus slowly recovers with 2.6 percent sales increase to 66,647 during the first four months of the year.

Specialists like Jesse Toprak, an analyst with, says that this will be a close race between the two German premium automakers. “You’re going to see this back-and-fourth for the rest of the year.”

BMW’s sales were positively influenced by the launch of the new 2012 3 Series, while Mercedes sales were helped by deliveries of the updated C-Class sedan, up 23 percent, and M-Class sport-utility vehicle, up 54 percent

The U.S. premium automaker, Cadillac, fell 25 percent to 9,851 in April.

[Source: Bloomberg]

9 responses to “Mercedes Leads BMW in U.S. Sales”

  1. Manny Antunes says:

    I will personally make sure we get back the top spot!! 

  2. BMW Sucks says:

    Because the new A6 kicked the 5 Series ass in terms of sales and took away some portion of 5er sales.

    • La Ma says:

       well its the 5 series that actually lacked what the previous models excelled – driving pleasure with great handling.  The base 528 models w/o sport suspension handle worse then many cheaper cars. They lost the edge in that department compare to others. Yet the car is great, one of the best BMW ever built, just the suspension/steering needs the sport settings all the time to feel normal.
      Funny that for years people complained to BMW that their 5 series was always a grown up 3 and that it wasn’t right because they (5 buyers) needed more room, more comfort oriented handling, etc. BMW listened, did a shrunk down 7 and now the majority of complaints are the opposite – its a too large car, a shrunk down 7 and we need a more compact, sporty, agile car,  not this behemot.  
      Well I say the E39 was a perfect size for a 5 and the E38 was a perfect size for a 7. Any dimension upgrade ever since was a waste.

    • wazon8 says:

      You call 1565 (units of A6 sold) vs 3556 (units of 5-er sold) kicking ass by Audi in terms of sales? Well, that’s very unusual way of using the phrase “kicking ass”. 

    • wazon8 says:

      BTW, the only car from Audi that has comparable sales stats with BMW’s car is Q5, the rest is not even half of what BMW sales. To get full overview, check:  

      And please, stop trolling. 

  3. La Ma says:

    Cadillac fell 25% ?  Wow !  Their cars are not bad at all. I guess its hard to convince the American customers that all those BS cars they made from 96-2006 are gone and the new GM (Government Motors) is really good at building cars ? 
    The SUV sales are off the chart due to the 4 usd gas price but GM cars ? Why ?

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