The Tuner Challenge Shootout is a tuner-only time attack series that has been in place since 2010 at Las Vegas Speedway during MFest VI. EAS was one of the chosen teams to receive an invitation to compete at the event in their 2011 BMW VF620 Supercharged M3 and driver Jordan Yost.

The EAS crew headed out to Las Vegas Speedway for the third time this year, where Yost and the EAS VF620 Supercharged M3 were able to take victory.

1. Mandatory transponders to all participating sponsors
2. Vehicles are grid according to times from earlier morning runs
3. Shoot out will be up for 10 laps – winner take all
4. Sponsors can choose their own driver for their car.
5. Sponsors can choose which car (or cars) they want to run
6. Vehicles that pit for any reason during the course of the shoot out are disqualified

The MFest Tuner Shootout pits drivers and cars against the clock to see who can run the fastest lap time according to runtimes from earlier sessions. The event catered only to tuner based vehicles and the event saw a stacked field with ESS-Supercharged M3s, Supercharged CTS-Vs, GTR, and even a Murcielago. Making the 300+ mile drive from their HQ in Anaheim, the EAS VF620 Supercharged M3 ran their fastest lap of the shootout on Yokohama AD08 street tires in the sweltering 107F Vegas heat.

Special thanks to:
– VF Engineering
– Macht Schnell
– Akrapovic Exhaust systems
– Vorsteiner
– APR Performance
– Recaro NA
– Rays Engineering
– Yokohama Tire

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