BMW has officially launched the new M6 Coupe and Cabriolet to the NA market, and we have fresh photos from the NYIAS to help spur on your daydreaming.

BMW’s M6 will feature the S63tu Twin Turbo V8 from the M5, but in a slightly lighter, more sprightly chassis. In the looks department, the M6 also takes on a more aggressive shape.

The show car featured in NY is equipped with the new carbon ceramic brakes, which save 19.4 kg(42.8 lbs) of unsprung mass – a huge advantage on the racetrack.

The wheels are spread further apart at all four corners for a wider track, and the car has been lowered closer to the ground. In the case of the new M6, the track has jumped 30 mm (1.2 inches). This wider, lower stance serves the driver by lowering the center of gravity, improving turn in, road holding, and agility. With the wheels now protruding from the wheel wells by another half an inch, they must be covered up by bulging metal work, lending the car its subtle but seriously muscular look. Like a confident kick-boxer in a fitted suit, it says: “don’t mess with me.”

‘Adding lightness’ – to borrow a page from the late Collin Chapman – are aluminum doors, thermo-plastic front fenders and front fascia, an aluminum hood, carbon fiber roof, and fiber-glass trunk lid. M has gone to great lengths to lighten the M6 as much as possible, resulting in a final curb weight of 1,850 kg (4,078 lbs) for the coupe, and 1,925 kg (4,243 lbs) for the cabriolet.

In a nod to quick reflexes and agility, the steering wheel has been shrunken, now feeling more responsive in your hands. The brand new M steering wheel also sports a slick design, mimicking the split-spoke wheels surrounding you.

Should you dial in a lot of steering lock and get heavy on the throttle, the active M differential lock will electronically modulate the multi-plate diff from 0 to 100% lockup. Off-throttle the diff opens quickly and completely to prevent unwanted off-throttle yaw (and the bushes).

The new M6 has a confirmed price in the US market of $90,695 USD.