Here is the first real life video of the new BMW M6 Coupe. The super sporty 2-door M6 made its world debut today in front of thousands of journalists from around the world.

BMW M has developed a standard approach to taking BMW cars from super to sublime. It always starts with spreading the wheels apart at all four corners for a wider track, and lowering the car closer to the ground.

In the case of the new M6 Coupe, the track has jumped 30 mm (1.2 inches). This wider, lower stance serves the driver by lowering the center of gravity, improving turn in, road holding, and agility.

The newly designed M kidney grille now bears an M6 badge, an homage to the first generation M6. The grille’s black, paired kidney grille slats take their cues from the characteristic double-spoke design of the M light-alloy wheels.

A three-dimensional shaping of the air intakes and race-inspired flaps are designed to control airflow to the outer air intakes. The front fenders feature familiar M gills.

Let’s have a closer look at the design.