Arguably one of the most beautiful concept cars BMW have ever produced, the Vision ConnectedDrive made the long flight across the Atlantic to join us at the Canadian International Auto Show.

There is only one of these cars in existence, so we’re glad the plane wasn’t downed. We’re also glad there were no staging incidents: seeing this car damaged would surely put a hole in your heart.

Unfortunately, this concept will not make its way onto the production line in any form, and in fact, is powered by a very small electric motor for simple maneuvering around the auto show circuit and big belly planes. Too bad. We could picture this classic throwback to racing roadsters with a pounding inline 6 rumbling under-hood.

The Vision Connected Drive concept is thus rendered a sculpture – beautiful artwork for show-goers to ponder and enjoy. But it does serve another purpose: a showcase of all things ConnectedDrive.

As a genuine driving aficionado – I’ve never cared deeply about onboard connectivity as much as driving feel, but as life gets busier with every passing day, I do appreciate the ‘mobile office’ ConnectedDrive creates. BMW is about to take things to a whole new lever with their clever, integrated, intuitive tech.

I’ll let Kian explain in the video below.