BMW ConnectedDrive Concept

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2011: The Year of BMW

2011 has been quite a busy year for Bavarian Motor Works! If anything, it was easy for us to tell given how busy the BMWBLOG staff have been. Hugo attended the US launch of the…

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Juliane Blasi pens the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive Concept

Juliane Blasi is one of the most talented and uprising designers within the BMW Group which now employs around 300 designers at their Munich headquarters and Designworks studios around the world. Ms. Blasi, 34 years old, joined…

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Breaking News: World Debut BMW Vision ConnectedDrive

World Premiere: BMW Vision ConnectedDrive. Today, BMW unveiled their latest concept. Dubbed BMW Vision ConnectedDrive, the new concept continues BMW’s Vision that began in 2009 with the unveiling of the Vision EfficientDynamics. The latest Vision…

BMW ConnectedDrive Concept: Seamless Media Access