Yes it’s mini. Yes it has 20 layers of the finest wood trim. Yes, it has the lush Rolls-Royce carpeting that the feet of the masses can only dream of sinking their toes in. And – almost shockingly – it’s a MINI.

Shockingly? I suppose if you’ve spent some time around MINI’s you would probably conclude that they do not lend themselves to luxury as much as darty sport. But you’d be wrong, or so MINI would have you believe.

CIAS 2012 100 655x434

The jury is out for us here at BMWBLOG, but knowing the engineering prowess of BMW and MINI, and the craftsmanship of Rolls-Royce, we will reserve judgement until we’ve spent some quality time behind the wheel. Is there any other kind of time to spend in a Rolls?

Enjoy our exclusive video shot live from the show floor today at CIAS 2012.

CIAS 2012 99 655x434