Here is a new photo gallery of the F30 BMW 3 Series from the U.S. media launch that took place this week in Monterey, California. Our editor Andrew Muprhy will give us a full driving report of both the 328i and 335i models, but in the mean time, here is a quick take on the new 3 Series:

“I went into the F30 test, in a way, hoping to not like the car as the F30 marks the start of the fully turbocharged line-up of 3 Series for the North American market. With the inception of the N20 we see the demise of the N52 – a brilliant, magnesium block naturally aspirated 6 cylinder – the last hooray of BMW’s hallmark 3.0 liter straight sixes.

However, I ended up finding the F30 to be far more compelling in aesthetic and prowess – let there be no doubts, the F30 is a great car. Either engine set up – whether it be a turbo big six of four banger – you really cannot go wrong with the car. I was able to test it both at the undulating, roller coaster ride that is Laguna Seca Speedway and across the picturesque, circuitous back roads of Northern California.”

Stay tuned for further coverage!