In 2011 at the Geneva Motor Show, BMW introduced the Vision ConnectedDrive, a concept that showcased future technologies that will make their way into BMW production vehicles. Among the innovative features, one stood out in particularly: the touch-sensitive dashboard.

BMW’s Head of Interior Design, Marc Girard gave us an exclusive demo of the innovative fabric that with a swipe of your fingers transfers the information displayed on the LCD screen built into the passenger’s dashboard onto the driver’s 3D Head-Up Display.

New Scientist magazine now reports that researchers at the Polytechnic School in Montreal, Canada, have developed a soft polymer-based fiber with electrical properties that can be woven into fabric. Creating a durable fabric that can control a range of functions and differentiate tactile motions is a breakthrough technology developed by professor Maksim Skorobogatiy and his team of researchers at the university.

The magazine says that BMW has plans to install the touch-sensitive smart fabric in future models, along with General Motors and aircraft-manufacturer Bombardier.

Our own sources say that within five years, future high-end BMWs will include this new technology and will create the fist real synergy between the car and its passengers.