What’s YOUR Pick: BMW 328i or 335i?

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During our recent coverage of the F30 BMW 328i launch in Barcelona, Spain, we were smitten by the new turbo 4 cylinder on offer. It’s …

During our recent coverage of the F30 BMW 328i launch in Barcelona, Spain, we were smitten by the new turbo 4 cylinder on offer. It’s a phenomenal engine – checking off all the boxes systematically. Power? Check. Efficiency? Check. Refinement? Check. Reliability? We expect so, but time will tell. International engine of the year awards? We’d bet the farm on it.

For a closer look at BMW’s all new 3 series live from the launch in Spain, check out our road review, and racetrack review articles.

As we inch closer to the launch of the new F30 BMW 335i model, the question looms larger in our windshield: Which BMW is the one to buy – the turbo 4 or the turbo 6?

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Consider the following food for thought: The 328i is said to give up only 2 tenths of a second in acceleration from 0-60 mph to its bigger brother, the 335i. For that very marginal performance advantage, you sacrifice significant efficiency when purchasing the 335i. You will also pay more for insurance premiums, and you will pay more in the initial purchase price. Most drivers would be hard pressed to feel the difference of 2 tenths from 0-60, and the turbo 4-cylinder is so torquey, flat across the rev range, that most drivers would also be hard pressed to determine which car sports the 6 in a double blind test.

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Not only does the 328i offer superior efficiency with similar performance, but it also triumphs at the track with a lighter front end and slightly lighter curb weight – all of which make for a more nimble car on-track.

The plot thickens.

As if the above was not enough to convince you, BMW even kept the 328i badge so as not to humiliate you with the 320i moniker – sure office-fodder and back yard BBQ ammunition for the nosy Nancys in the group, and jealous neighbors.

Still unsure? We highly recommend a test drive once the 328i is available at your local dealership. You’ve got to feel this engine to understand its performance, flattered by the brilliant 8-speed ZF-sourced automatic transmission. A 6-speed manual transmission is still on offer (thank you BMW, and the Driving Gods).

Stay tuned for BMWBLOG’s live coverage from the new 335i launch in due time.

Would YOU chose BMW’s new 328i or 335i?

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20 responses to “What’s YOUR Pick: BMW 328i or 335i?”

  1. Guest says:

    Man your articles are just so pointless. You seem to have way too much time on your hands. But why don’t you do something useful instead and write an article with actual content?

  2. BMW The Best says:

    BMW’s twin turbo is ridiculously fast all the way. And the 335i beats the 328i from 0-100kmh by at least 0.4 seconds which is a huge advantage. So I think they are catered to different buyers. Anyway, both of them are just brilliant.

  3. BadgeWhore says:

    Just check the ‘debadge’ block when ordering.  *shrug*

  4. Laurent says:

    i vote 335i for ONE ( but essential) reason for a BMW : 6 cylinder will be always superior 4 cylinder for the SOUND…. i asked myself a lot a questions about the BMW engines strategy… for ex in europe, you can have (for equal price) a V6 audi vs 4 cylinders in a 5 series…

  5. Anonymous says:

    I had a 335i.  I’m happy to step “down” to the 328i after all my HPFP issues.

  6. M3power says:

    If it’s gonna be a daily driver…then I’ll pick a 328i or better yet, a diesel. If it’s mostly a weekend/track car, than a 335i.

    • dunno dunnoland says:

      335i real life perfomance diff. is higher than 0.2secs and after 100km/h the difference is much larger. Secondly 335i pulls way better from lower rpms.

  7. BwEmWe says:

    I really hoped BMW would plant the engine from 640i/740i in the 3 and 5 series. Then, we wouldn’t be making such comparison. That would give the I6 a huge advantage over the I4. I really don’t understand why BMW won’t use what they have for their advantage. They could have 540i and 340i. Somehow disappointed.

    • Statuskill says:

      Don’t worry, I see BMW making significant changes after the first year…rmember the 330 to 335 change early in the model life?

      • RanOutOfNames says:

        As far as I know BMW is adding more engines to the line up later in the
        year, however, I have these as 320, 320d, 316d, 320d ED and the Hybrid in
        Europe. Probably something different in the US.

  8. Nau says:

    I was going to purchase a new F30 to replace my E90 328i, I would have loved to buy the 335d but unfortunately it’s release if any in the U.S. will not be until late Fall possibly. I could not wait that long, so I ended up purchasing a 535i. The F30 exterior is absolutely beautiful but I’m not quite sold on the interior. The M Sport in Estoril Blue II is mind blowing though…

  9. Porschaphile says:

    Mid 50s for a 4 cylinder BMW…..You got to be kidding…..The old method of configuring cars was much more efficient; BMW must be following the FORD philosophy.

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