BMW is launching their first Social Commerce Pilot through the UK Facebook page of the brand. The company is offering a limited edition BMW Key2Joy.

The unique offer runs for limited time only through BMW Facebook, powered by Amazon. The customization is quite extensive and you can opt for an M branded key cover, a carbon fiber one and even an i8-branded key.

Prices range from 13 to 26 British pounds. Order your key here.

BMW´s Key2Joy is offered on the following models:

BMW 7 Series keys (for all current BMW 7 Series cars from 2008 onwards)
BMW 5 Series keys (for all BMW 5 GT cars from 2009 onwards,
for all 5 Series Sedan & Saloon and Touring from 2010 onwards)
BMW X3 Series key (for all BMW X3 from 2010 onwards)
BMW 1 Series 5-door (from 09/2011 onwards)

And here is an instructional video on how to assemble the key cover: