BMW has announced plans to offer a 3 Series Carbon Sport limited edition in the Netherlands. The limited edition 3 Series is built on the outgoing E90 platform and joins the offerings of exclusive editions offered by BMW around the world.

The 3 Series Sedan is equipped with the aggressive-looking M Sports package, as well as upgraded 19 inch alloy wheels.

Inside, the car comes standard with iDrive Navigation System and high-fidelity Harman Kardon audio system. The M Sport package adds the M sport steering wheel with paddle shifters, as well other M inserts throughout the cabin.

The BMW 3 Series Sport Edition Carbon will be available as 325i, 330i and 335i, and if you can choose between the sedan and touring. You can also choose between two additional metallic black colors: Sapphire and Azurit Black.

And the prices? The 325i will cost 49,995 euros, 54,495 euros for the 330i and 61.995 Euro for the 335i model. The Touring model costs an extra 2,000 euros extra.

In total, only 150 copies will be sold in the Netherlands.