General Motors seeks engine cooperation with BMW

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In the past year, several reports indicated possible engine agreements between BMW and a series of smaller or larger automakers. The insolvent carmaker Saab signed …

In the past year, several reports indicated possible engine agreements between BMW and a series of smaller or larger automakers. The insolvent carmaker Saab signed an engine sharing contract with BMW back in September 2010, preceded by a large diesel engine order from Carbon Motors, and more recently, Fisker Automotive said it will receive the new N20 four-cylinder powerplants from BMW.

According to German newspaper Der Spiegel, General Motors is also interested in using BMW petrol and diesel engines. Citing Stephen Girsky of GM, the German publication says General Motors has officially requested these engines from Munich, but it remains unknown which models the US automaker would like to use them for.

The negotiations between BMW Group and General Motors started in Fall 2010, even though at the time Dr. Norbert Reithofer, BMW boss, denied the discussions between the two brands.

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It is clear that General Motors also has something to offer, more specifically the technology found in the Chevrolet Volt and Opel Ampera, two highly respected vehicles in the industry with technology that could benefit the new BMW i sub–brand.

This last April, BMW hired Frank Weber, Opel product chief and lead engineer for Chevy Volt. Weber brings his expertise and lessons learned from the Volt that will be applied to the BMW i3, the first BMW fully electric vehicle to come to market in 2013.



15 responses to “General Motors seeks engine cooperation with BMW”

  1. They choose BMW, so they choose perfection.

    • Manchester Man says:

      You are absolutely right. Saab are going to use BMW engines and PSA Peugeot Citroen are going to develop engines with BMW. Even some of the worlds top supercars use BMW engines , Mclaren F1 and Ascari A10 are amongst them.

      In a nutshell BMW engines are very refined and efficient. Thank God for bimmers.

  2. Giom says:

    Why not go for the best!?

  3. Ivar says:

    After GM sold SAAB they don´t have any engine technology left and nobody that works free of charge.
    Now they have to pay for all services. GM needs all help they can get to improve their technology of today.
    Otherwise GM will fail as a car manufacturer.Remember that SAAB has also been involved in the development of GM´s Chevy Volt and Opels Ampera, the epsilon platform for SAAB 9-5, Opel Insignia and Chevy Malibu, and many more things during the period of 20 years GM owned SAAB.

  4. spoonjab says:

    Seems like an odd partnership

  5. spoonjab says:

    Seems like an odd partnership

  6. Christopher Stone says:

    This partnerhsip has a lot of potential, I’m looking forward to seeing small block pushrod V8’s in the next M3, perhaps this can help BMW bring down their cost structure. GM’s “Iron Duke” inline 4, with a bit of refinement could still have decades of life left…..or am i not seeing this correctly….

  7. scooternva says:

    Who is this “General Motor” person, and why is he seeking to cooperate with BMW?

    (Seriously, invest in a spellchecker, Horatiu… the professionalism of this site takes a hit every time these jarring spelling and grammar errors crop up.)

  8. LexusLVR says:

    Why does GM want to lower their reliability ratings by buying overpriced and unreliable BMW engines?

    If GM wants quality engines they need to go to Toyota and Lexus. For example the Lexus 3.5 V6 produces 306 horsepower without turbos while BMW needed two turbos to achieve the same output. Now they use one turbo but they still use turbos which is a cheap way of increasing power.

    • Euro E32 M5 and E23 635CSI
      -3.5l I6 286hp
      Euro E34 M5
       -3.5l I6 315hp
      -3.8l I6 – 340hp
      Euro E36 M3
      -3.0l I6 286hp-
      3.2l I6 321hp
      US-spec E46 M3
      -3.2 I6 333hp

      BMW doesn’t really need turbos in the 6 cylinder engines. They have made near 300hp Na engines since the 1970s. Plus if they wanted to, they can take the 260hp 3.0l from the E92 330i and easily give it cams, ECU, or even bore it out to reach the 300hp mark.

      Plus GM has used Toyota before. Remember the Chevrolet Prism? It was a rebadged E100 and E110 Corolla.

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