Photo Comparison: BMW 5 Series vs. 2013 Lexus GS 350

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Back in August, the redesigned 2013 Lexus GS 350 sedan made its world debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The new GS 350 brings …

Back in August, the redesigned 2013 Lexus GS 350 sedan made its world debut at the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance. The new GS 350 brings out a an all-new sheet design, a much roomier cabin and the cutting-ede technology from Lexus, and competes in a segment with the BMW 5 Series, Audi A6 and Mercedes-Benz E-Class.

The model introduced to journalists at Pebble beach is the five-passenger, rear-wheel-drive GS 350. The 2013 GS looks much more aggressive than the previous model. The car has a wider track and aggressive wheel arches, a significant improve over the “soft design” in the previous generation. The automaker has indicated that the 2013 GS 350 will serve as a preview of things to come from Lexus.

BMW 5 SERIES VS LEXUS GS 350 655x243

A series of aerodynamics features dominate the exterior design, starting with the L-shaped taillights, as well trunk lid and fully functional front air inlets. The redesigned front-end stands out with the twin blade-like chrome strips that flank the trapezoidal grille.

Taking a play from BMW, the interior design focuses much more on the driving experience and the driver. Lexus said it changed the driver’s seating position providing “increased comfort, better forward visibility, and overall command of the road.” The GS 350 features added leg and knee room. To successfully complete in a segment where premium features are combined with practicality, the trunk space is increased by 25 percent, with a wider trunk opening.


The cabin’s most impressive feature is the massive 12.3-inch screen. The screen is capable of supporting high-definition graphics, and can be split to show both a large map, audio or climate control information, similar to the big screen offered in many BMWs. Additionally, a second high-resolution 8-inch display is located in the instrument panel. This second display can be used with Lexus’ Remote Touch system, which allows the driver to operate climate, audio, navigation and phone controls from steering wheel-mounted buttons.

The 2013 Lexus GS 350 is powered the same 306-horsepower DOHC 3.5-liter direct-injection V6 mated to a six-speed sequential shift automatic transmission with paddle shifters and a multimode selector. All-wheel drive is optional. The power gets a bump to 306 hp and 277 lb-ft of torque. Lexus claims a 0-60 mph time of around 5.7 seconds. The electronically limited top speed gets a slight bump up to 142 mph, from 140 mph.

Power-wise, the BMW 5 Series offers the same 306 hp, but with 295 lb-ft of torque. The direct competitor, BMW 535i, is powered by a TwinPower single turbo 3.0 liter engine and runs to 60 mph in 5.6 seconds.

The wheelbase of the new 5 Series is also longer at 116.8 in in vs 112.2 in for the GS 350, with an overall length of 192.8 in vs 190.9 in.The width is measured at 73.2 in vs 72.4 in for the Lexus.

In the weight department, the BMW 535i is the overweight premium sedan with a curb weight of 4,056 lbs versus 3,715 lbs reported by Lexus.

As always, BMWBLOG provides a photo comparison of the competing vehicles and we will let you decide on the styling preference.

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95 responses to “Photo Comparison: BMW 5 Series vs. 2013 Lexus GS 350”

  1. BMW > shitxus

    By the way – it’s just a more expensive toyota, nothing more.

    • Br says:

      Yeah, total failure from lexus.  The previous generation GS actually looks ok but this one…  Its rear just looks so similar as the hyundai sonata and avante, while the front design just looks almost the same as lexus CT200, what a boring design!!  Don’t tell me as a premium brand, lexus has to copy designs of Korean cars!  The only thing which is better is its interior, other than that, all of the German cars of the same segment like the Audi A6 and E Class as well as the 5 series are better than it, winning fair and square

      • IWG says:

        Also. the ends of the wood trim  which strides across of the cockpit just looks exactly the same as the five series, the L-shaped taillights are also copied from BMW, sigh, failure~

        • True. And anyway – in my opinion lexus is no premium – it’s just more expensive toyota – nothing more.

          • La Ma says:

            premium=more expensive.  what exactly do you expect ?   Lexus is a premium brand of Toyota. Most markets never used the Lexus brand until just recently. Its what it is. Its a premium brand of Toyota. It was /is/will be always that.
            ps. they never even tried to say its something else.

            the design is a typical contemporary Japanese design with a slightly conservative rear end styling.
            the design studio went  with an aggressive front end, but then they played it safe/boring on the rear.

            Lexus’s buyers will like it and they will love the new interior which looks excellent. 
            BMW did a really good job with the 5 but certain elements on that car also strikes as boring/dumb. One of them in a large front flat nose, and the elevated hood.  Don’t start the eu pedestrian safety regulations, all manufacturers have the same rules. None styled their cars that way except BMW. So its not because of that. This I guess is a bangle-left-over which will fade in non-existence in the next generation.

            Overall the 5 takes the crown at the moment.  Looks really nice and solid and finally parted the grotesk E60 ways.

          • lexus meaning toyota is not a premium – it’s more expensive than standard toyota, but offers nothing more except higher price. Same situation is about the infiniti with nissan, and acura with honda.

          • Hubert_is_an_idiot_faggot says:

            you’re an idiot for saying it offers nothing more… has different engines, performance, interior/exterior materials and so on…..

          • On the contrary, The GS uses an variant of the Toyota GR engine shared in many 6 cylinder Toyota Models and the Lotus Evora. The Transmission is also the Toyota “A” transmission but revised for the GS.
            The suspension was tuned by Toyota’s Racing Division.
            Now it does offer more luxury, Quality and Performance than most Toyota Models but it is still designed and produced at the Toyota Factories.

            BTW, In the JDM, the GS used to be the Toyota Aristo.

          • Seth says:

            Toyota brand is the most independant car manufacturer in the world. We have to get the fact right because toyota does not develop their transmision but they have a serious and well renown industrial players in automotive component supplier such as denso and aisin etc.. Most of their transmission developed by aisin (which is also a part of Toyota group by majority shareholder).

            For example the world first eight speed tansmission developed by aisin used for the first time in LS series. And now major luxury automeker such as audi and merc even BMW start to follow. And so is Denso whereby their component such as compressor also being used in many car manufacturer. It’s only the matter of weather you want to accept the fact or not.

          • no, it’s not, it’s just a more expensive toyota.

          • Seth says:

            No. it’s not. Model like LX which is based on Land Cruiser has bigger and distinctive engine series 5.7 L developed specially fo Lexus. Even Land Cruiser is already an expensive model of Toyota. Model like Aristo which was GS based on (2nd generation and below) was actual premium brand in Japan.

          • miloo says:

            BMW hybrid technology’s from Toyota.

          • Austin says:

            Who told you that?

          • Austin says:

            Who told you that?

          • Freddy Rodriguez says:

            Yeah but Hubert does have a bit of a point. This car companies Honda Nissan and Toyota are notorious for copying. While they are not garbage it’s embarrassing to drive a car(s) that copy originals. Whenever I see Lexus I like many others can’t help but to think. Wannabe Big Shot. Lol.

          • Jason says:

            I can tell you’ve never driven a lexus saying lexus is only difference with a regular Toyota is higher price make look dumb and stupid! you don’t know shit about cars. besides all the different materials and tech inside and out even the sheet metal of a lexus is a different thickness than the closest Toyota sedan. I work in car industry and have seen bare bone and driven them.

          • Austin says:

            Actually, the technology is quite similar…

          • Austin says:

            Actually, the technology is quite similar…

          • Trastumbo88 says:

            The Toyota´s exterior isn´t that bad (although I don´t like it), but the dashboard reminds me of a 1970´s Cressida (uuuughhh old and ugly).

          • Freddy Rodriguez says:

            You are absolutely right on the money Hubert. But just to be on the fair side I just want to point out that Honda, Nissan, and Toyota are not by any means garbage. They are well made reliable cars but all that copying has to stop and maybe if they start becoming more original then they have a chance at being somewhat respectable.

          • Dallasite says:

            We recently welcomed a new E-class into our family, don’t hate on my now haha, and couldn’t be more happy. The GS copied so many cars that’s it not even funny, ie BMW, Hyundai, and even Mercedes-Benz. I’m sick and tired of Lexus thinking it deserves attention, and attention does it get, for all of their “hard work” of copying. The GS is kind of like the kid in school who would wait until everyone guessed the wrong answer, just so he could get the question correct. Fail.

          • MAck says:

            Ha haha ha, stop bay german test drive magazine dont belive what they write….

          • MAck says:

            one simple question. Did you drive LExus. Im sure , not. You succumb just german propaganda and adverts. Take a test drive with LExus and come back so You will se what Lexus car is.

        • Jaunnas says:

          Lexus was firts with L shaoed tail lights. LS460, 2007. Go check

          • Freddy Rodriguez says:

            Yeah ok Jaunnas but that still doesn’t explain why they copy everything from Audi BMW, and Mecedes. Before it was only Mercedes now that they have finally realized that they are not overtaking the most original car company in the world they are shifting to Audi and BMW. Mostly Audi though. It is just ridiculous. And screams WANABE!!!!!! ;-P

        • Austin says:

          The “L” shape is because of the company name… Lexus, anyone?

        • Austin says:

          The “L” shape is because of the company name… Lexus, anyone?

    • Trollin247 says:

      THANK YOU SOMEONE UNDERSTANDS!!! btw i got upset when on youtube people were saying some lexus was better than bmw 7 series, audi A8 and porsche panamera, i was like WTF is this world coming to!

      • Freddy Rodriguez says:

        Trollin you have to understand my friend that anyone who dares to knock Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Porsche is only one thing and that is an Envious low class H.A.T.E.R. Nothing more and nothing less. Now the reason why they are haters is usually because they cannot afford an expensive premium performance let me add “ORIGINAL” machine like Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz etc. Take for example the common Nissan GTR owner and enthusiast. Bashing Porsche, Ferrari, Lamborghini all day long claiming the “Nissan” is faster after it has been tuned which by the way is not a good thing for any car, yet if I were to walk up to any of them with keys and title to my Murcielago or Porsche RS GT2 in hand and offered an even trade, they would shut their ignorant mouths and do it in a heart beat. I don’t care what anyone says. Now if you tune a Porsche or Lambo like what was done to just about every GTR there you have it they got smoked. Don’t get me wrong I think the GTR is pretty cool but nothing I’d give up my lamb for. Yes even the GTR was faster than a damn Boeing!!!! ;-D By the way regarding Nissan I do have a special place in my heart for the Nissan Z. Honestly I love that car.

        Freddy Rodriguez.

    • MAck says:

      HA ha ha. One simple question. Did you drive LExus. Im sure , not. You succumb just german propaganda and adverts. Take a test drive with LExus and come back so You will se what Lexus car is.

    • Robert Bayly says:

      Had to respond. Even though this is years old. NO it is NOT just a more expensive Toyota. It does share a platform with the Japan only Crown but has nothing in common with say a Camry. I too thought the same thing but after some research I found this is not the case.

  2. Charel Lies says:

    I like the idea of using multiple screens, for controlling audio, climate, … But the problem is that you will have to look at the screen, buttons can be felt and you can learn where they are located but the screen doesn´t offer any feedback so there is more distraction.  

  3. alex says:

    i really like the way they designed the back of the gs, it’s really aggressive, and overall a much better design than the previous generation. but the fivers front, plus the general design is better i my opinion.

  4. Beemer says:

    the front of that beemer gives me a tingling sensation in the gentleman’s region.

  5. LexusLVR says:

    The new GS is just pure class and elegance inside and out. Comparing it to something like the BMW 5 series is an INSULT to the majestic GS design. The 5er looks outdated whereas the GS features futuristic styling and looks incredibly sporty. Plus the GS has a hybrid available and BMW has no production ready hybrid 5er.

    Lexus for life.

    • உன்னை விழுங்க says:


    • lexus (toyota) for suckers.

      • George says:

        The truth is most people who support German cars are biased. I listen to
        expert opinions. Toyota has proved over the years that they offer the
        best overal quality, reliability and durability. That remains a fact
        whether some of you can swallow it or not. Just wait a few years and
        more and more people will start to be less and less biased and will
        appreciate that lexus is in the process of overtaking the Germans on the
        sporty side. We already know Lexus is superior on refinement and
        quietness. If you didn’t know that, I am sorry. You didn’t notice it
        because you were busy driving German cars. German cars all want to be Toyotas. They all envy the success. Toyota is innovative and the Germans are now focussing on the refinement of Toyota, hybrids. The problem is German fans are jealous, they are in a denial phase want to decampaign Toyota for its success. German brands are trying to take advantage of the recent earthquake disaster to overtake Toyota but they have failed. I call it Toyota, not Lexus because TOYOTA is the greatest name in the automobile industry. Bigger than mercedes BMW you name is. I wont allow anyone to belittle the Toyota name.

    • By the way – BMW offers great quality, technology and design, and japs ony trying to copy everything from Germans. So STFU lexus fanboy cause you know nothing about the REAL PREMIUM CARS which are BMW, Audi and Mercedes – only truly PREMIUM cars.

      • George says:

        the truth is most people who support German cars are biased. I listen to expert opinions. Toyota has proved over the years that they offer the best overal quality, reliability and durability. That remains a fact whether some of you can swallow it or not. Just wait a few years and more and more people will start to be less and less biased and will appreciate that lexus is in the process of overtaking the Germans on the sporty side. We already know Lexus is superior on refinement and quietness. If you didn’t know that, I am sorry. You didn’t notice it because you were busy driving German cars.

    • LexusHTR says:

      Yeah the GS looks sporty but it drives like crap.

      “Oh What a Feeling – Toyota”

    • wazon says:

      Haha, do you really like this car? Its interior… Well, some buttoms look so cheap when its design is considered. Especially, pay attention to the buttoms of light at low left end of dashboard and to glove compartment locker. Vents could be better either. 

    • Freddy Rodriguez says:

      Ok Lexus Lover in other words you cannot afford a BMW therefore knock it, and settle for the more affordable cheap looking version of an Audi/BMW the world renowned GS. Blahahahaha!!! whatever floats your boat. It’s your prerogative buddy. ;-D

  6. Hero Sina says:

    when a Lexus looks far more exciting than a BMW and is as fast as a BMW, it shows something is wrong with BMW.

  7. Babken says:

    Weight-weight-weight: the Achilles’ heel of the new 5 Series. And the A6 outperforms the 5 because of the 5er  overweight. Other than that, the 5 Series is perfect.

    • Jennifer says:

       could you give me a specific a6 version to compare to a specific 5 series model because depending on which models you compare the Bmw weighs less while if you compare a different set of models the Audi weighs less.  You could be totally right but i haven’t found that all the 5 series models weight more than all the a6 models.  some of the a6 models weight less than the 5 series models, but some of the 5 series models wieght less than the a6 models.

      like the a6 3.0t weighs more than the bmw 535i by a smudge.

      • Jennifer says:

        also the front end of the BMw could use some surgery on that nose….

      • Babken says:

        You should take into account the fact that the 5 with standard suspension is the worst car in its segment to drive, so if you want the 5 to drive like a BMW you should ad some options that add substantial weight to the car. Meanwhile you don’t need to add anything to the A6 since even in standard suspension the car beats the 5 with an M package performance-wise. So this is how you should compare the cars. In this sense, the 5 weighs a lot more than a comparable A6.

        • wazon says:

          What are you talking about? How much of weight is added when standard suspension is changed on M-suspension? Choosing M-suspension is the best option for 5-er. It’s confimed both by first-person experience and by most of reviews. However, if you insisted on adding such things as dynamic dumper control and adaptive drive, you would need to add similar things to Audi A6, since it doesn’t have it in standard configuration. And guess what: in both cases you would add the weight to the car. 

          I don’t even ask what is the source of your knowledge of superiority of A6’s suspension. It’s not stated in neither of reiviews known to me. Contrary, they call A6 guilty of artificiality from drivers point of view. 

          I’ve got an opportunity to drive the new basic A6 2.0 tdi with 6-speed manual tranny and when compared to 520d f10 with manual transmission, it’s really crappy car. The claim that it has better suspension than 520d could be forgiven only to man who lacks proprioreceptors. Basically, it drives like larger VW Passat, since simiraly to it it’s also FWD. So, as Jessica ask you, be more specific about which you talk. 

          Unfortunately, I haven’t got an opportunity to drive 3.0 TFSi version yet, but I wouldn’t expect it to be much better in terms of suspension than 2.8 FSi quattro which I did drive. 

    • wazon says:

      Man, you’re so boring. Again, to your information, each version of BMW 5-er is lighter with respect to each rival version of Audi A6. Go and finally check technical data provided by both carmakers. You even did agree in one of your post that 5-er is lighter than respective rival A6. And then after few days you continue to maintain that 5-er is heavier. Do you have split personality or what?

  8. Bry says:

    To me, this comparison epitomizes the difference between the German idea of elegance and the Japanese idea of elegance. In the BMW I see the rolling hills of the German countryside and the winding curves of the nurburgring, in the Lexus I see the straight lines of the Tokyo skyline and the sharp turns of city streets. These two vehicles demonstrate the distinct differences between European design and Japanese design.

  9. Tbwfour says:

    I prefer the Lexus the new 5er is dull dull dull retrograde.

  10. stacy says:

    Looks like a bloated camry

    • Freddy Rodriguez says:

      Stacy I have to admit you have a keen sense of vision. Please continue eating your carrots. I am as envious of your 20/20 vision as a Lexus driver is of a BMW. ; )

  11. Sajan says:

    I have no doubt in my mind that Lecus copied the Hoffmeister Kink. I wouldn’t be surprised if they decided to name it the senseimeister Kink

  12. Anonymous says:

    I do like the analog clock

  13. COOL RAT says:

    Lexus become 3 german manufacturer
    Lexus frontlight copy Audi
    Lexus rearlight copy BMW
    Lexus interior half copy Mercedes

    • Freddy G says:

      You are right on the money cool rat. Not only does Lexus scream wannabe! But the GS looks like a bloated Camry, sure it looks futuristic (futuristic pile of cheap plastic) like I said above I would be embarrassed to drive a Lexus with Audi’s daytime LED’s I’d feel like a “wanbabe” I’m just saying.
      Not trying to offend Toyota fans out there.

      • DTDuncan says:

        LOL your stupidity amazes me…. the LS600hl was the first production car to feature LED daytime running lights. The Camry is an entirely different platform and car compared to the GS. If the Lexus uses “cheap plastic” why does it consistantly place first in JD power and associates quality tests?

  14. Viper says:

    guess what I voted for…bmw yeah , but only this time!
    I actually think that Lexus looks more sofisticated and futuristic . but the other day I saw the M5…must admit that looks good. the design is starting to grow on me

  15. StraightSix says:

    Both achieve mighty presence on the road and stand out of the average. I’d take any, BMW preferable, but Lexus is awesome as well.

  16. Rolf says:

    I never liked Lexus, not a single one of their model tbh. They may be premium, but look cheap. German luxury cars are better! Also the way they copied Hoffmeister kink is DISGUSTING! Just like the previous gs “borrowed” (stole) some elements from e-class.

  17. Rolf says:

    When I would see A6, 5er, E-class merc driving down the street, I’d be noticing them for sure. Lexus is just another toyota for me

    • Freddy Rodriguez says:

      You know it Rolf ! Whenever I see an Acura Infinity or Lexus it screams wannabe! Especially the Lexus with Audi’s daytime LED’s I just love it though when those brands copy and then right away Audi, BMW and Mercedes scramble to look different and they win at it all the time. I don’t know but I would be embarrassed to be driving a Lexus with Audi’s LED daytime lights. :-D

  18. beeming beauty says:

    The thought of comparing a BMW to a Toyota in a suit is just an insult!

  19. Socal says:

    the 5er has a better exterior, for most people by a lot. The GS has the better interior, for most people by a lot. 
    the answer is get which one drives better.

  20. gladiator says:

    arguably……BMW could have made an absolute segment stealer is they went a tad more aggressive on the front nose. then itd have everything and could really pull out on mercedes and bmw.

  21. bobby watsa says:

    eh lexus is okay, but im not a fan of the new 5 either…and i think the a6 needs to look different from its siblings and the merc isnt that exciting to look at for me. I think all the midsize luxury cars need to look better. but i have to admit the lexus interior looks nice…but really people, an overpriced toyota? thats getting really old…like i agree to a certain extent but i hate reading it. And the sad part is 11 years straight Lexus has been number one in the US…cmon bmw.

  22. Gnuman05 says:

    The 5 in every way, except that interior on the Lexus is just plush!

  23. Lexus808 says:

    What about compare lexus & any german cars regarding the reliability? Haha no doubt u will see german cars getting fix in a shop while lexus cars still cruising in the city.

  24. Kbmw says:

    Point of correction… the BMW has 3.0Lt Engine with 300hp, 0-60 in 5.7….

  25. Dave says:

    I have owned BMW, Lexus and Merc all are great cars while lexus could get boring because they are too comfortable and quite the reliability of Lexus however is better than Merc and BMW by far! ones you experience them you will know how much more hassle free is the lexus compare to others in the long run. I had experienced them. the BMW is usally the more sporty and fun to drive of them all but again not as reliable and well made as a lexus. the merc used be very reliable but newer one (past few years) have been bad in reliability. the Merc is more towards the luxury driving then sporty. even though I really like BMW’s but their reliability is no where near Lexus and it just pushes me away from buying one again. so if you don’t mind spending much more money on fixing issues then its preference. we haven’t driven the GS yet so when it comes out we will find out how it is driving wise compare to the new BMW. from the review it looks like the new BM has soften and lost the sporty driving dynamics :(
    I personally like the front end of this lexus but the tail looks too simple they should have made it more aggressive. still would get the Lexus over BMW because the overall reliability is top notch and just a lot more hassle free. 

    • Freddy Rodriguez says:

      Obviously you are not speaking of newer models since the warranty takes care of that. If you have an out of warranty Audi, BMW, or Mercedes, then you take good care of it, service when required NO lapses and USE premium fuel I personally guarantee it will outlast you and your Toyota/Lexus same company right? Audi, BMW and Mercedes-Benz are the absolute best and this is why Acura/Honda Nissan/Infinity and Toyota/Lexus copy them. I mean they scream wannabe! Now I am not saying and would never say that they are garbage because they are not. I actually agree with you in that they are reliable and overall good but definitely not better. What ruins them is the fact they constantly replicate originals like Audi BMW and Mercedes -Benz. Out of all Mercedes’ that I have owned I kept my first s class ever a 1992 with now 129,000 and miles not one single issue. Because I baby the car just as everyone should. You see these cars were not designed for the daily wear and tear don’t service often driving like the mass produced cars I.e. Honda Toyota etc. They were meant to be pampered. Sure a Lexus is considered entry level premium but underneath the skin it’s a mass produced Toyota designed and Built for daily driving, wear and tear. I just acquired the Alpina B7 and own a 2010 S65 yes the V12 and nothing outside of Germany perform like these machines. They truly are magical.

  26. Alex says:

    The lexas sounds like a cool car but bmws boss the nose looks kind of ugly ass but it still looks ok the lexas interior looks better but the bmw offers more trunk space and german enginering.

  27. Twittavelli says:

    Wish I could take the interior of the lexus and stuff it into bmw then they would have Audi beat

  28. Twittavelli says:

    I take that back Audi has the best balance of them all and that is the brand to beat hands down.

  29. Ludmililiev says:

    My family has always been a Japanese car family. Just seemed like they always made the best cars. I am looking at buying a car now, and will be getting a Japanese one. I was looking at recent ratings of car manufacturers and the quality ratings are dominated by the Japanese, while the bottom of the list are mostly European.

    I don’t know much about cars, but for somebody who does, is this an accurate general approach to take away from this?

    “Japanese are the best, Europeans are the worst, and American cars are somewhere in the middle?”

    Most reliable car makers:

    1. Honda
    2. Subaru
    3. Mitsubishi
    4. Lexus
    5. Toyota
    6. Mazda
    7. Nissan
    8. Skoda
    9. Kia
    10. Mini

    Least reliable:

    32. Land Rover
    31. Alfa Romeo
    30. Renault
    29. Saab
    28. MG
    27. Vauxhall
    26. Peugeot
    25. Audi
    24. Rover
    23. BMW.

    Honda named most reliable carmaker in What Car report – Telegraph

    Most Reliable Cars: Toyota At Top; Jaguar At Bottom : NPR

    Most Reliable Cars: Honda, Toyota Top Consumer Reports Rankings

    Seems like no matter what source I find, they say the same.

    • Freddy Rodriguez says:

      Ludmiliev you don’t belong in a BMW blog you obviously cannot afford one and don’t know much about them. You should be on the Toyota corolla blog. I’m just saying.

  30. Freddy Rodriguez says:

    Lexus has always been a duplicator and not innovator. This has been their problem since day one, even today for example they just had to copy the daytime LED styling from Audi. Lexus fans try to defend this action or they try to knock Audi I find it absolutely hilarious. And for those who may wonder NO. I am Not a troll rather I am a person who is willing to speak his mind regardless of anyone’s feelings. Now with that being said I can appreciate that not everyone can afford an Audi, BMW, Mercedes-Benz etc. And so for those that can’t and for the working middle class Acura, Infinity, and Lexus was created from mass producing car companies kind of what GM did with Cadillac Buick and Ford with Lincoln Mercury. It just never made much sense to me, if I could’t afford an “original” such as an Audi, BMW, or Mercedes Then I would rather just by a Toyota, Honda, or Nissan. I think it’s embarrassing to pull up next to or even go anywhere near a car if I am driving a copycat version of it. No thank you but I’ll pass. Also let me add that if you take very good care of any car not just a European one it will last a very long time probably longer than you so to speak. Because of the mechanics and how well they are made if you have any lapses in service or lack in treatment a European car after it has aged then naturally you will began to encounter highly expensive mechanical issues. For those that want to begin trolling on German motoring. There is no denying it only hating it. Japanese cars are not garbage by any means (if anything I would be a bit more concerned about some of the American brands) my only issue is with all the copying done by Honda, Nissan, and Toyota. I am open to suggestions.

    Freddy Rodriguez.

  31. Gama says:

    This Lexus as all of them do, does resemble a bloated Toyota Camry and it looks somewhat cheap.

  32. Randy Sun says:

    the rear of the new GS = Hyundai sonata

  33. BmwLover says:

    i love how the pictures on the bmw looks like shit and the lexus pictures are HD soo unfair btw i go for bmw and i just bought it 3 weeks ago love it its perfect in every way.

    • leozno1 says:

      Yea just like how the Lexus pictures are of the base GS350 and the BMW pictures are of the 5 Series with the M Sport package. Why don’t they show the shitty looking base 5 series with the crappy wheels and standard front fascia?

  34. John says:

    your pictures are not to scale. it makes the lexus look much bigger than the 5er but they do not differ in size as much as they are shown here

  35. brrty says:

    comparing plastic laminate flooring to rich oiled real cherry wood – or vicuna microweave or expensive mohair to polyester:

    Japs lexus is not comparable to something actually fine.

    Stupid comparison. :)

  36. brrty says:

    Like their ‘stealth jet’, the toyota looks like something Iran would come up with if you asked them to build a fine car :). Q, has there ever been a Jap fine art oil painting or classical music composition? :)

  37. RollSeven says:

    How about all of you little girls just go buy whichever car you’d like, and stop with the high school banter. I’ll enjoy my beautiful $25k Honda and my extra 401k money while you guys race each other to every other red light and eat Burger King. One word for you all…..Losers.

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