German aftermarket company G-Power reveals their latest update to their BMW X5 model. The new G-Power X5 Typhoon takes the output of the xDrive48i model to 525 horsepower. The 2011 BMW X5 xDrive48i is powered by a 4.8 liter V8 engine and it receives the SK III “Sporty Drive” supercharger system, producing 525 hp / 386 kW at 6,100 rpm and 600 Nm of torque at 5,300 rpm.

With this impressive power increase, the G-Power 2011 X5 xDrive48i is able to reach a top speed of 275 km/h and needs only 4.7 seconds to run from 0 to 62 mph (100 km/h).

The ASA T1- 522 charger uses a radial centrifugal clutch, which is flanged to the engine through a CNC-milled framework structure. The X5’s supercharger is powered by a crankshaft via the multi-rib belt, and is lubricated through the engine’s oil circulation system. It boosts a pressure of 0.5 bar. T

The G-Power 2011 BMW X5 xDrive48i also features a two-part carbon intake air duct, a large-volume aluminum charge air cooling system, and a high-performance exhaust system including racing headers, catalysts and end mufflers.

On the design side, the TYPHOON body kit consists of new and very aggressive bumpers front and back, massive wheel arch extensions and LEDs at the front. Custom side skirts have also been fitted. The ventilated bonnet made of carbon fiber enhances the aggressive look.