By offering the new free BMW and MINI tyre warranty, the BMW Group is again affirming the confidence and peace of mind offered by the sustainable quality of tyres sold through its dealer network in Germany. Approved tyres bearing the star are developed and tested especially for BMW and MINI automobiles. These tyres exclusively satisfy BMW requirements in terms of quality and safety, efficiency, comfort and handling. They are distinguished by a star stamped on the sidewall.

Details of the tyre warranty.

In Germany the tyre warranty will take effect on September 1, 2011, and will apply to all BMW and MINI tyres with the star marking – the warranty is valid for 24 months from the date of tyre purchase and covers all tyre sizes and vehicles regardless of model year. The tyre warranty provides the customer with protection throughout Europe¹.

The BMW and MINI tyre warranty covers:

• Punctures caused by sharp objects such as nails or broken glass

• Damage from impact with kerbstones

• Vandalism

• Theft

Theft of or damage to rims is not covered by the warranty. The warranty also does not apply to the original tyres delivered with the vehicle as new.

Customer benefits.

Die BMW Group is taking a consistent approach to improving customer benefits and safety by offering the new free tyre warranty for BMW and MINI tyres. The warranty reduces the cost of damages and also contributes to the convenient full-service offered by authorized dealers. In addition, the tyre warranty can be transferred to the new owner if the vehicle is sold.

Claims process.

BMW and MINI tyre warranty claims can be handled by all participating German dealers and partners. When a claim is made, the partner will measure the remaining tread profile to determine the residual value of the damaged tyre – this amount will then be credited to the purchase of a new star-approved tyre. Thus up to 100% of the cost for a new tyre (not including mounting charges) can be recouped.

The replacement of tyres as axle pairs is excluded from the warranty.

Also excluded are damages caused by gross negligence, extreme wear due to incorrect wheel alignment and/or incorrect tyre pressure. The tyre warranty does not apply to vehicles operated as taxis or by resellers, as well as construction vehicles.


¹ Europe, including the Asian regions of Turkey.

[Source: BMW ]