WheelSTO, a long time friend and sponsor of BMWBLOG, reveals their latest project: a BMW E92 M3 built with the race track in mind. As usual, the company takes the time to describe the idea and process behind the super sporty M3.

“Very often, customers will call in and ask for a whole array of parts to be bought for their cars. All the individual parts look great and will probably look great on the car as well, if isolated to that one portion of the car. But, putting multiple parts is tricky. You really need a vision for how you’d like your car to look and make sure that you have a harmonic symbiosis of parts. How will they come together? How will the lines and colors interact with each other?

Mike came to us with a shopping list of parts. Started small with a front lip, and couple of aesthetic pieces. Very quickly that list snowballed into a full build with suspension, wheels, aero and performance products (for use on both the track and road).

Mike trusted us to make sure that we fully comprehend the styling and performance that he was going for. We absorbed and gave our feedback. We took a few parts of the list or swapped them and played with the color scheme until he was happy with what he thought he was getting. Now, it was our job to make that vision a reality of physical form, fully equipped with the right components that will deliver to its fullest potential on every sensory nerve possible; vision, smell, touch, sound and the mystical one close to heart.

This is what we delivered.

We picked up the car from Michigan and transported it to our location in Illinois.  I applaud him for taking that leap of faith and thank him for the support that he has shown.  The E92 M3 came pretty stock with just carbon grilles and Eisenmann RACE with Challenge x pipe.  We got right to work and started with some custom painted front grilles in matching alpine white, and the side grilles and the inside of the mirror caps were painted in MAG Blue to match the strikingly aggressive MAG Blue 18″ TE37 wrapped with Hankook Ventus RS-3.  For that perfect stance, KW V3 was deployed.

For down force and styling, Challenge “V” weave front lip, mirror caps and a Voltex Type 1S wing was used.  Since a custom base for the Voltex Type 1S wing would have taken too long, we modified a base plate for the EVO to line up with the lines of the E92 trunk.

Kreis-Sieg exhaust was installed with their x-pipe and remote key for opening and closing that valve.  With valve fully open you’d scare some old lady to a hear attack on the freeway.  Freeway and the track is where this car belongs.  Enjoy and thank you Mike!