BMWBLOG team has just returned from the European trip that included not only a pick-up of the new BMW 1M, but also a visit at the famous 24 Hr of Nurburgring. The popular race took place last weekend and BMW Motorsport team scored another podium.

Over 200,000 people attended this year’s race and among them there was a large BMW fan base that took part in the M Festival. On this occasion, BMW inviteed fans around the world to have a look behind the scenes at the famous race and also visit the playground where every M car is developed and tested.

Before and during the 24h race, BMW M offered non-stop entertainment and access to its two distinct locations: the “Feldherrenhuegel” featuring live music, live broadcasting of the race, insights by experts and much more.

BMWBLOG was granted access to the team’s paddock and other exclusive facilities where we did our best to capture some of the most emotional moments of the 24 hr race of Nurburgring.