California-based companies ARKYM and PySpeed, announce a styling upgrade to the popular BMW M3. Known for combining form, function and aerodynamics with industry standard materials, the company develops some innovative bodykits and original design.

The latest upgrade to the already aggressive M3 bodystyle makes no exception. ARKYM introduces the Motorsport Competition Front Spoiler Package, a combination of form and function, suitable for street and race track driving. Made out of carbon fiber, the front-end kit integrates stability Carbon Kewlar strakes. Detachable brake ducts come standard along with an extended one-inch, downforce inducing, aggressive plane.

The Fire Orange M3 Coupe portrayed here shows the integration of the Front Spoiler Package within the front fascia. The kit is available for the E90, E92 and E93 M3 models, and has a base price of $1,999.