At the BMW press conference today in New York City, BMWBLOG had the opportunity to speak with the Paul Ferraiolo, BMWNA’s new Product Planning & Strategy Manager. Some of you might recall Paul from his previous job, CEO of Rolls Royce USA.

Last year, at the New York Auto Show, Paul gave us some insight into the high-end Rolls Royce vehicle, but today, we turn our attention to BMW’s current and future products and what it’s in store for BMW of North America.

As expected, some of questions were left answered,  but others were being clarified. We focused on the new BMW X3, the delayed X1, future electric vehicles and of course, the new 4-cylinder turbo.

[audio: Press Conference 18APR2011/Peter Miles.mp3]

The interview was conducted by Christiaan Conover of RoundelTable.