One Lap of America is an eight-day driving endurance race that runs every year. In 2010, BMW Performance Center ran in One Lap of America with the new BMW X6M, an unusual presence among many “true racing cars”.

The annual racing event takes place on tracks and public roads are used only as means of getting form one location to the next.

Any fanatic car owner can essentially run in the racing event and some of the stories we have seen in the past show that the dream can be easily achieved. According to our friends at CarGuyDad, Justin Kababik, owner of an 1989 E34 BMW 535i has decided to re-enter the racing event one more time.

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A repetitive “customer”, Kababik returns to the competition after running One Lap of America from 2000 until 2002. This year, the E34 will be competing in the “Classic Imported” class. Justin and his team bring out a TCD Turbocharged engine, well sorted chassis and the experience of previous races, that give them hopes for a class win.

One Lap 2011 starts at the end of April, and BMW Performance Center along with United BMW make a return. This year, they are switching from the X6M and M3 used in previous years, to the 335d, an interesting approach.

As always, BMW will cover One Lap of America and bring you daily updates!

[Source: CarGuyDad ]