BMW Vision ConnectedDrive: The Exterior Design

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With every new BMW, the main discussion revolves around design, and recently, it almost always starts with Bangle vs. Van Hooydonk design ideas. Without a …

With every new BMW, the main discussion revolves around design, and recently, it almost always starts with Bangle vs. Van Hooydonk design ideas.

Without a doubt, the latest BMW Vision ConnectedDrive was conceived under the umbrella of Adrian Van Hooydonk. From ideas to execution and completion, BMW Vision concepts are said to take nearly twelve months and we believe the timeframe is quite accurate for the ConnectedDrive Concept.

Similar to the previous Vision Concept, EfficientDynamics, the latest design study from BMW showcases futuristic design lines that make use of the layering approach initiated with the first Vision Concept. The two-seater roadster features typical lines: long bonnet, short overhangs and strong, bold front-end.

In a press release issued this morning, BMW extensively describes the new concept. Let’s have a look.

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive 2011 655x463

As a two-seater roadster charged with emotion, the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive is a particularly dynamic, purist interpretation of the characteristic BMW language of form: the long bonnet, the long wheelbase and the passenger compartment set well back seem to accelerate the vehicle even at a standstill. The bonnet and the windscreen flow into one another to form a homogenous surface and endow the

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive 2411 655x463

BMW Vision ConnectedDrive with an extraordinarily flat, sporting silhouette.

Within these tight roadster proportions, distinctive, concise lines flow over the taut surfaces of the vehicle’s bodywork. The resulting play of light and shadow imparts a fascinating and emotional character to this concept study. The
expressive 20-inch wheels, fashioned in three dimensions, underscore the sporting, dynamic character of the vehicle.

The front of the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive manifests the typical characteristics of BMW design, with a strong horizontal orientation, stressing width. The kidney grilles and dual, round headlights have been designed in a
particularly flat fashion and lend the front a dynamic, modern expression.

Below these, two large air vents emphasise the width of the vehicle, giving it a decidedly sporty look. The door concept is a particularly distinctive feature of the exterior of the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive. Developed with the innovative, electro-mechanical retracting door mechanism of the BMW Z1 in mind, which can be legally driven with its doors open, the idea has been extended and now finds application in the BMW Vision ConnectedDrive. Two sliding door elements –
one inside, one outside – disappear into the bodywork of the vehicle when the door is opened, enabling entry. While the outer shell slides forward, the inner shell disappears into the rear area of the vehicle with a movement in the
opposite direction. The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive can also be driven with the outer doors open, a central aspect of the vehicle.

The expressive, modern surface work evident at the front and on the sides of the vehicle is continued at the rear. Two large air outlets make the formal connection to the front and underline the sportiness of the vehicle at the rear.
The rear lights, placed at the extreme outside of the back of the vehicle, feature the distinct BMW L-design and have a strong sculptural character.

Just as at the front of the vehicle, the rear sensor technology is also integrated into the lights. The concept of layering used in the interior, in which a component takes on a number of tasks, is thus carried over to the exterior.

The BMW Vision ConnectedDrive concept car was consciously designed as a roadster, as the vehicle is able to show its overall creative concept best by way of the open roadster design. Seen from above, the interior design, light
concept and exterior design fuse into a very clear, unmistakable statement: BMW ConnectedDrive.

30 responses to “BMW Vision ConnectedDrive: The Exterior Design”

  1. FreudeKing says:

    Wow, really impressive design. My only complain is that the headlights are not wide enough to follow the language of the entire car’s design.

  2. Alex says:

    Look at that windscreen! Very impressive. What a cool design – but I’m afraid, its way too much ahead of its time….

  3. M.Pertz says:

    UGLY it’s a beautiful word to describe this “CONCEPT”

  4. Artmic says:

    as long as it costs 30K i’d buy it.

  5. Vaybach Khan says:

    something i wrong with the headlights,even with the tail lights…no flow…its like some turkish student designed it….but here with this model its not about design its about technology…this concept will never see light of day…in the other hand…design is concentrated on m1 homage(which is the best looking!) like VED is…and i must say the frustration with bmw marketing like efficient dynamics,vision connected drive,s drive ,they have to simplify it…

  6. Ray says:

    It doesn’t appear to be beautiful in the traditional sense, but I feel that there is a certain charm and charisma with this vehicle, not too unlike some quirky British compact roadsters.

  7. bob says:

    J. Blasi ???

  8. Jeremy says:

    I love, love, love the design of this car! My only complaint is that it can’t fly. This design is a classic ahead of its time. Put it in storage for 80 years – after it’s time came and went it would still look avant guard. Obviously many features would never make it to production (I wish they could), but the design language is awsome.

  9. TB says:

    Yes, the VCD head-on sketch is very similar to (and inspired by) Mario’s head-on sketch of VED:

    But that’s it. Sure VCD is inspired by VED. It’s intentional. Even more: it looks like some VCD design cues & elements could end up on production version of VED, or the VED-inspired conventional Z roadster.

  10. This is cool! And so interested! Are u have more posts like this? Plese tell me, thanks

  11. Justin says:

    very very nice … but how much is it ? I hope it is under $100,000 usa

  12. Justin says:

    Oh and how can you make the oder?

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