BMW continues to build the anticipation leading towards the unveiling of a new concept at the Geneva Motor Show. BMW ConnectedDrive Concept is rumored to showcase the latest advancements in the ConnectedDrive area.

While details are scarce at the moment, we predict that BMW will demo some of their latest car-to-car communication features, road safety technology and many others.

A new video released on BMW Youtube channel illustrate some of the new things available in future vehicles. One of them is Follow-Me, a feature that connects your car to the playlists you have in your home. By using cloud storage technology, your BMW could access any music that is available on your home computers or media devices.

bmw connected drive concept

Mood-Based Playlist features works in a similar way as Pandora, the popular application and internet radio that plays tunes based on the genre you choose. Mood-Playlist allows you to select your mood as you enter the vehicle and the application will download music from the internet that matches your personal mood.

As far as the ConnectedDrive concept, the ConnectedDrive Futurelab website gives a short teaser description of the new vehicle:

“2011 is also the year in which we are setting the course for the future. Initial insights are already available to you now in the FutureLab from BMW ConnectedDrive. Or soon right here, with an extraordinary vehicle, which will once again revolutionize driving in terms of comfort, infotainment and safety. Exactly as you have come to expect from BMW”.