BMW just released a press release outlining some of their latest innovations. Longer than your usual read, BMW Innovation Days research paper outlines BMW’s latest technology. If you love electronics, gadgetry or design, then you can’t miss this one.

Here are some of the major topics, followed by the PDF file to download and an extensive gallery of photos: The car key of the future, My BMW Remote, Seamless Media Access, Mood-based playlist, iPod Out, Micropause apps, Outlook functionality in the car, Message Dictation, iDrive Controller with integrated touch control, microNavigation, Urban navigation, Mobility Assistant, Remote Controlled Parking, Proactive pedestrian protection systems, Traffic Jam and Queuing Assistant, Emergency Stop Assistant, Green Driving Assistant, ECO mode – more efficient driving at the touch of a button, Active coasting and the proactive driving assistant or Intelligent learning navigation.

Download full press release here and see the full article for an extensive photo gallery.