As BMWBLOG looks back on BMW Car Club of America’s 2010 Oktoberfest celebrations (held in late August), it is clear that Americans are very passionate about their BMWs.This year’s celebrations were held at Road America in Elk Heart Lake, Wisconsin. A beautiful venue both on and off the track, CCA members, racers, guests and journalists were surrounded by nature, speed and twisty asphalt.

Through out the week beautiful classics could be observed, pushed to their limit on track by passionate owners, or parked peacefully on the grassy infield. An annual Show & Shine competition awarded the very best preserved automotive specimens, held in pristine condition as though locked in a time capsule. Prominent BMWs were on hand including many M1, Z1, and 2002 sports cars.


During the week, BMW CCA held several driver training schools, and no, we’re not talking about the sort that help you obtain your State driver’s license. These high quality, high performance driving schools teach students of all levels to advance to the best of their abilities on track, eventually qualifying to become self-sponsored race car drivers in BMW CCA’s annual race weekends.

This year was special for BMW CCA as BMW formally acknowledged the event and sent company executives to share their passion and experience with the club. And who could better relate to the impassioned crowd at hand then Dr. Kay Segler, BMW’s M car chief.

BMW North America’s Motorsport Director, Martin Birkmann was on hand to display several winning BMW racecars of times past and present. A charity ride event was also arranged by BMW, allowing you a chance to ride passenger with Martin as he pushed the legendary M1 Procar around Road America’s fast and twisty circuit at the very limit! What a sound! What an experience – one not easily forgotten!


Oktoberfest celebrations climaxed late on the night of August 27th when a special guest crashed the tent party: BMW’s new 1M sports car! Yes, only a small portion of the car was visible in this symbolic strip tease, but ultimately, appetites were wet and hearts raced by the mere presence of BMW’s new M car. Well, mine did anyway.

This special – and first North American – unveiling offered us another unique opportunity: the chance to see her underside. We told you it was an exciting strip tease. Yes, all her bottom-side mechanical bits were laid bare by our cameras, giving us additional insight into the specifications of this M car.


And on such an auspicious occasion, with Dr. Kay Segler enjoying dinner in the crowd under an expansive glossy white tent housing a mysterious new M Car (rolled in so we couldn’t hear her purr) – annual club prizes were in order. Someone went home with a brand new M6. And how do we join the club?

On the heels of an ALMS race at Road America (where BMW took first place) there was much to celebrate through out the week at this year’s BMW CCA Oktoberfest. With over 73,000 BMW CCA members active in the US and Canada, it’s no wonder there were thousands present at this years event! In fact, Dr. Kay Segler was very impressed by Oktoberfest and the enthusiasm held by passionate BMW drivers across the USA.

We sincerely enjoyed attending Oktoberfest celebrations and look forward to doing the same in 2011. We hope to see you there!