Today BMWBLOG brings you exclusive photos of what lies beneath the 1M Coupe’s bright Valencia Metallic Orange paint.

Our photos show the expected forged aluminum suspension components, beautiful quad exhaust system, limited slip rear differential (with heat dissipating vanes), underbody aero, heat shielding, etc.

The new 1M Coupe’s track is said to be much wider than that of the 135i, already a wide car relative to its width. In fact, we believe the new 1M Coupe’s track may be as wide or even wider than found on the current M3 Coupe.

Details around the powertrain remain a mystery and BMW is not ready at the moment to make an official statement. We at BMWBLOG believe that it is based on the N54 twin-turbo engine and was further developed by the M Division. Power is rumored to be at least 345hp produced with the help of a large, upgraded intercooler. Weight is rumored at 1,500 kg, but our fingers are crossed it will shave a few pounds more. Even though not confirmed through an official statement, our sources indicated that the BMW 1 Series M Coupe will be equipped only with a 6-speed manual transmission.


Stay tuned to BMWBLOG for the latest breaking 1M Coupe news and photos as we get closer to the release date.