World Premiere of the Vorsteiner GTRS3

BMW M3, Featured Posts | April 18th, 2010 by 14

California-based tuner Vorsteiner has just unveiled their latest creation: GTRS3. Built on top of the BMW M3 Coupe, the GTRS3 M3 is the first of its kind in the Vorsteiner lineup. The GTRS3 Aero Package consists of complete splitter, extended front fenders, extended side skirts, rear quarter panel fender arch extensions, and a wide-stance rear bumper with integrated carbon diffuser.

The GTRS3 also comes with the latest twin-7 spoke forged 3-piece alloys, the V-308. The wheels come in choice of 19 or 20 inch sizes to optimize power to weight ration.

Optional features include a stainless steel quad exhaust system, vented carbon fiber hood, and the TRS lightweight boot lid.

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The kits will only be manufactured 100 times and official pricing has yet to be announced. The rumor on the street is that the kit will cost around $25,000.

[Real life photos: BimmerBoost ]

14 responses to “World Premiere of the Vorsteiner GTRS3”

  1. BimmerBoost says:

    I think I will be getting this kit for my M3, tremendous. Just would like to know how wide of tires one can run in back.

  2. viper says:

    looks like black series of bmw , great looks

  3. Bryce says:

    Dislike. I wouldn’t spend $25 on it, let alone $25,000.

  4. wazon8 says:

    Any news about M3 GTS? As far as I know it was lapping Nuburgring recently: . Has anyone heard about results?

    • BimmerBoost says:

      Ummm…. this isn’t about the M3 GTS. This entry is about the Vorsteiner M3 GTRS3

      • wazon8 says:

        There was no thread about GTS for pretty long time here, so the entry about Vorsteiner M3 is recently the most apt place to ask about news concerning GTS. At least, I haven’t noticed that BMWblog was referring to GTS’ tests at Nurburgring in 2010.

        • BimmerBoost says:

          I guess I just don’t get it. The topic is not the GTS and has nothing to do with the GTS so why take the focus off the Vorsteiner M3 to discuss something that has nothing to do with it?

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