Rumor: Next generation BMW M6 to rival Audi R8

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Wishful thinking? Are we getting teased or this is indeed the direction BMW wants to take? Two questions that most likely will remain unanswered for …

Wishful thinking? Are we getting teased or this is indeed the direction BMW wants to take? Two questions that most likely will remain unanswered for a while, but Autocar UK pushed out an interesting article today, yet somewhat deceiving.

According to the UK magazine and citing sources close to the Munich-based automaker, BMW’s flagship M6 is unlikely to be replaced when the next 6-series arrives. Instead, its spot will be filled by a V8 sports car drawing cues from BMW’s Vision Efficient Dynamics concept.

Well…let’s stop here for a second. So is Autocar really saying that the M6 is being phased out or…. that it will simply move away from its core idea into a new direction? Without encouraging these speculations, we have to say that we find it hard to believe that such an iconic car, the M6, will be indeed renamed, rebadged or simply phased out.

bmw m6 982359 655x491We can certainly see some of the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept design cues making its way into the performance car, but that is hardly something BMW has tried to hide. They have been quite open about the possibility of seeing future production models taking advantage of the futuristic and breakthrough design sported by the Vision Concept.

Adding more fuel to the fire, Autocar states that the M6 was aimed primarly at US buyers -true, to an extent- but to call it “sitting awkwardly within the range”….well, that’s quite a stretch. Every luxury automaker HAS to offer a high-end performance car and BMW has rightfully chosen to accomplish this with the M6.

No one is questioning the technology in the Vision ED Concept and Autocar points out correctly some of its high-tech advantages: M3 coupe-size with M3 performance, Toyota Prius levels of economy and CO2 emissions, next generation interior and exterior design.

To argue their points even further, we need to point out a few things.

Yes, the performance coming out of the VED advanced diesel-electric hybrid system is impressive, especially since turbocharged three-cylinder engine is production ready, but we certainly see an M6 icon sporting more than 356 hp.

Yes, we know, it’s all about efficiency these days, but at the same time, the M6 is all about a niche market, a low-volume seller that keeps the true enthusiasts happy.

To contradict themselves even further, Autocar “throws” in there that the the production version of the Vision ED may get the next-gen M5’s twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8.

Which one is it going to be fellas?

To save the day, they mention that “using this engine will ensure the firm still offers a car with M6 levels of power and performance, but the inclusion of much of Vision ED’s eco-tech”.

No offense, but we will hardly call that that twin-turbo 4.4 liter V8 as being “that eco-friendly”.

In a recent interview, BMW Research and Development chief, Klaus Draeger, has said a future BMW supercar has to “be intelligent and dramatic-looking, something like the ED concept”. Sounds promising….

To end with a bang, if you allow us to use those slang terms, Autocar names the next M6 as being a rival to the Audi R8 and Porsche 911, and even to AMG’s forthcoming baby SLS model.

Now that’s just teasing, but we certainly hope they’re anywhere remotely right, otherwise, we will live another deception and that’s something we’re not in the mood for anymore.

[Source: Autocar ]

31 responses to “Rumor: Next generation BMW M6 to rival Audi R8”

  1. There’s no way they’ll take away the M6. For the enthusiast it’s too iconic for them to see fit to take it out of the lineup. If they’re considering incoporating elements of the driveline from the Vision Concept, then I don’t see the 4.4L V8 being used. Instead, a twin-turbo I6 (like the one rumored to be put in the next generation M3) combined with the electric drive system could potentially yield even higher output than the current M6. This would still give the M6 high power output that’s expected from it (especially given the current model’s 500hp) and allow it to be more fuel efficient. Plus, since BMW is famous for their excellent, high-performing I6 engines, it would be appealing from an enthusiast standpoint. Perhaps they’d even introduce a high-performance diesel like the one in the 335d. Now that would be very interesting.

  2. Laszlo says:

    Twin turbo is too far fetched … the next gen M6 and M5 will have the 4.4TT just like the monster X5M and X6M. The M3 might ends up with a 3.5TT inline six again and far in the future, the following generations might get something like a 6 cyl with hybrid/electric help. That technology is still heavy, complex and anything but race oriented. The KERS system failed miserably on the F1 cars and it was supposed to be the basic step.
    Electricity needs to be generated efficiently and fast to be able to use on a sport/race car. The good ol’ internal combustion engine is here to stay, it might get a new dress, a new proper attire for the greenies but it will be a sole viable solution in a long term.
    Diesels are the only real competitors and they will gain more and more share especially if the us finally accepts them. I can see a year when 90% of cars being sold with diesel engine outside of US. The newer diesels are really good and they sip fuel. The downside is they are expensive to build and expensive to maintain properly. Unfortunately people don’t care much about long term running cost, all they see is that they will get 50-60mpg and that’s good.
    I will keep my old and trusty petrol engines thank you.

  3. BMWM6 says:

    the m3 had as much power as the R8 when it first came out

  4. Stevie says:

    This is how good BMW is. They don’t need to have a supercar to beat other supercar. BMW needs only M6 to outcompete audi’s best. I can’t image how great Bmw’s supercar (M1) will be if they actually devote to come out with it.

  5. Vaybach Khan says:

    WELL BMW M6 IS FLAGSHIP!!! no way for m6 to be out! whats the point of 6 series then! just stupid rumor…so for that logic we have x5 m and m6 is out….just stupid..and scott26 at bimmerpost has confirmed this as a false rumor…
    as it for ved…bmw again will be the leader as all others will follow supercar with low emission and we will have r8 killer or sls just in the new way,saving the energy and looking into future..

  6. Freedom Rings says:

    Lol Its called f*#(#g Laziness as a BMW lover I detest such a move.

  7. viper says:

    that is all false

    • Jordan says:

      this is the only thing i’d agree with viper on… this is false.

      BMW insider Scott26 also confirmed that this is false.

  8. Freedom Rings says:

    Whew thank you Vaybach

  9. bob says:

    I wonder where Autocar got this story…

  10. billmilo says:

    Compete in what sense? The M6 has plenty of power.

  11. XC says:

    Ahh, if only…. (sigh)

  12. Joe says:

    BS story..

  13. Otto says:

    How could you compare a coupé derived from a sedan and a pure sports car based on the Lamborghini Gallardo? The M6 and the R8 are playing in 2 different leagues.
    BMW went lazy when they replaced the Z8 with the 6 Series. What they need to compete with the R8 and the SLS is a mid engine – rear or front – coupé, 2 seater. Period.

  14. Jordan says:

    this is what Scott26 said…..

    The M6 Coupe will continue to provide a Sporting Balance with the M5 Sedan, for the segment needs an additional Coupe.
    The cost in the new V8 which is “based” on the V8 in the X5M and X6M but not the same, as the engine has been redeveloped to suit the car has to be shared across to additional models such as the Touring , M6 Coupe and Cabrio and possible M6 Gran Coupe – These models are in a segment where BMW can make suitable profit to offset engine redevelopment for a mixture of variants of the same platform matrix.

    The product plan does identify an M6.

    Vision Efficient Dynamics is all about a philosophy – Performance by sustainability. The concept is a Vision of what a Sports car can be like a few years and BMW are committed to progress the Vision Efficient Dynamics into a production status.
    However if BMW substitute the drivetrain featured for a regular V8 as the speculation goes then BMW bury their philosophy. There might be nervous reaction to the fact that some cars are getting three cylinders and four cylinders replacing some of todays six cylinders , in output the new family of engines are more powerful than today’s current engines and also more competitive than competitors V6’s.

    The use of a Three Cylinder in the Vision Efficient Dynamics contributes a highly efficient turbo diesel with the rest of the car being backed up by a powerful electric driven drivetrain. The three cylinder as it does in the Vision Efficient Dynamics and will do in the upcoming BMW models also contributes to a new lightweight philosophy in which the three and four cylinders are several kilo’s lighter than today’s six cylinders.

    BMW are the Worlds leading automobile manufacturer when it comes down to efficient technologies , strategically ahead of their premium rivals and volume manufactuers.
    To throw a V8 supercar into the mix would jeopordize BMW’s threshold on having a portfolio that applies to all EU regulations.

    Currently BMW have prepared a working prototype that will be driven by the media this summer , although BMW will be having select internal drives in the next few weeks. But the Prototype conforms to the Vision Efficient Dynamics philosophy. An intelligent concept that brings forward the future by being like nothing else on the road .

    That is what BMW is about. defying the conventional. That is why the Vision Efficient Dynamics is not a conventional concept.

    • Doug says:

      It’s not entirely clear (to me) what Scott26 is indicating; that the future M6 will be based heavily on the VIsion configuration? Or just that the V8 isn’t likely? Or is he referring to a distant, Post-CS M6?

      • Jordan says:

        In a previous post, Scott26 flat out said that this rumor is false.

        the stuff he is getting into with this long post is just generic stuff about the next M6 and about Efficient Dynamics.

        • Doug says:

          Ok so I have no idea what he is saying (still). So: BMW is not going after R8, or BMW won’t use V8 for M6, or BMW won’t make the next M6 as a Vision implementation?

  15. Bryce says:

    I think the current M6 gives the R8 a run for it’s money, I can only imagine how nice the next M6/supercar will look!

  16. MiguelBM says:

    BMW the solution is simple build the super car and the M6

  17. viper says:

    I have some insiders too…bmw M6 will rival its old rivals but will get a new one too , that is the 6er will get another GT version , so it will face a brand new cls sometime later.

  18. 1mc fan says:

    I’m confused by Scott’s post also. He talks as though BMW are going ahead with a supercar, then he backtracks and says a V8 is jeopardy. Perhaps he means that they are going ahead with it, but have to be careful so are moving softly softly until BMW have enough 3 cylinder cars out lowering their total emissions across the ranges and giving BMW the gap they need to move the supercar in. It may then be a few years away, but they are testing and developing as we speak.

    Why not remove the X6M and X5M and do the supercar if eco is the new drum. People do still want a flagship supercar, the M6 was too conservative for many of us.

  19. JMLBMW says:

    All this is mute now… as there will be a BMW M6 Coupe and Convertible… using the 4.4 liter V8 with around 600 HP… AND… there will be and Advanced Vision Dynamics Super Car which will very closely resemble the concept which has already been shown and driven! All this will be here by 2013… Can’t Wait!!!!!!

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