After a warm reception with the first film Ambush, BMW Films introduced Chosen to the online community. Chosen tells the story of The Driver picking up a young child exiting a boat from China. The Driver, played by Clive Owen, is tasked with safely transporting the child to a hideout for the mysterious monks. After The Driver receives a gift from the child, the pair immediately find themselves under siege on the icy wharf.

Thankfully, The Driver came prepared with his 2002 E39 540i with the requisite 6 speed manual! Ironically, the duo find themselves up against three vehicular villains – all of which are some form of DaimlerChrylser product – perhaps BMW further driving home a point? In looking for an exit to the snow and ice-laden wharf, the E39 surprises nobody with its ability to grip and put the power down as it handily outdoes the three struggling would-be captors.

The 5 Series manages to look like a graceful, well-trained ballet dancer gliding across the landscape compared to the awkward, stumbling competition as they careen from one snow bank to the next. Once free, the short story takes an interested turn as The Driver comes to the rescue of the little boy once more.

Chosen, the second of five shorts by BMW Films, was directed by internationally-acclaimed director Ang Lee. The Taiwanese director had already received much attention by this point in his career – just coming off of the worldwide success of the Oscar-winning Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon – the film that made Ang Lee a household name in North America. Lee was also known for his direction of the British film Sense and Sensibility.

However, acclaimed for its well-orchestrated and fluid fight sequences – many of Crouching Tiger’s techniques and inspirations can be seen throughout Chosen in the well-crafted dance-like car chases. During the production of Chosen, Ang Lee was coincidentally working on his first summer blockbuster Hulk – Marvel Comic’s story of mild-mannered Dr. Banner who, due to a science experiment gone wrong causes anger to turn him into a green, hulking beast. If you watch carefully, Lee pays homage to his own yet-to-be-released movie during Chosen.

Tune in next Sunday for The Follow by Wong Kar-wai.