Ice was melting fast around the MINI exhibit as the Beachcomber Concept was given a steamy reveal. Based on MINI’s core virtues of simplicity, compact design and fun driving character, the new Beachcomber concept delivers elevated levels of utility while not forgetting its roots.

Canadians will love the new MINI’s all wheel drive system, which will make winter driving a less challenging experience. Of course, not all Canadians live in igloos, and those near a sandy beach will also appreciate its mild off-road capability come summertime. Exertions through the sand are not off limits, and a payload of surfboards and cold beer is not out of the question. This vehicle clearly appeals to the youthful side in all of us, and its fun demeanor will likely show through on the road. This Mini breaks from tradition being the first to offer 4-door practicality along with all wheel drive.


Mini recently revealed the production version of this concept: the MINI Countryman. For a better look at the Countryman with official photos, please hit the jump.

Stand-by for a future drive review of the Countryman by BMWBLOG, your online authority for BMW’s breaking news and reviews.

Please enjoy the following photo compilation of the MINI Beachcomber’s exciting Canadian reveal.

Photos Credit: Shawn Molnar