Okay, so we did the comparison of the Audi TTS versus the brand new BMW Z4 sDrive35is. As many of you have pointed out, the TTS is not the real competitor for the Z4is simply because it is outgunned. If you brought the TTS to a race track to meet up with the new sDrive35is, people would look at you as if you had just brought a turbocharged Beetle to do battle.

But once you get to the Audi TT RS, the real competition begin….

This time, we’re going to give you the appropriate comparison and do things a bit differently. Instead of placing the information in a paragraph about each car, we are  going to display the technical specifications in its own area listing the car and all of its attributes.


Audi has long been associated with making any car sporty and have all-wheel drive comfort at the same time, i.e. RS4, S4, S5, RS6, R8, and the list can go on for miles. But one thing that Audi also knows how to do is to add a turbocharger to a small engine in their sporty AWDers and turn them into one of the best cars around.

The TT RS is no different.

BMW’s track record also shows a tendency to take small engines and turning them into big performers. Take the 2002tii, every iteration of the M3, the list could continue with several other models. The Z4 sDrive35is seems, thus far, to be no different. This time BMW only offers an automatic transmission, and it is one very well put together – 7-speed DCT.

Audi TT RS:

Engine: 2.5L turbocharged direct-fuel-injected inline-5

Transmission(s): 6-speed manual only

Power: 340bhp/332lb-ft of torque at 1,600-5,300 rpm (250 kW/ 450 Nm)

Weight: 3,196 lbsCoupe/3,329 lbs-Convertible

0-62: 4.6-seconds

Top Speed: 155 mph/174 mph (For a nice fee, Audi will change out the stock ECU of the TT RS to give it a higher top speed)

BMW Z4 sDrive35is:

Engine: 3.0L twin-turbocharged direct-fuel-injected inline-6

Transmission: 7-speed dual-clutch only

Power: 335hp at 5,900 rpm/332lb-ft of torque at 1,500-4,500 rpm (Overboost function gives 369lb-ft)

Weight: 3,450 lbs

0-60: 4.7-seconds

Top Speed: 155 mph


As you can see, both cars match up pretty well. Official numbers show the BMW Z4 sDrive35is running from 0 to 60 mph in 4.7 seconds, slightly slower than the TT RS (4.6 seconds). With BMW’s Overboost function, the Z4 gets 37 extra torque in the taller gears, mostly between 4, 5, 6 and 7th gears.

The Z4 only comes in rear-wheel drive, while the TT RS sports the now typical quattro system. Opinions are split here, some are die hard fans of rear-wheel-drive cars while others enjoy the standard AWD Audis. Which one does better on track? Unknown at the moment, but we wouldn’t count the bimmer out.

Both cars ride 10mm lower than their normal Z4 and TT siblings, and both also have sport suspension buttons that allow you to control more of how the car will feel, drive and handle.

Design wise, both cars are stunning in their own way and biased opinions will always governance over the final choice. The Z4is looks muscular, the TTRS more “raw” and shows how far as Audi come over the years.

Since the TT RS is not offered in the U.S., the choice will be easier, but for those of you living in Europe, it might come down to the last fine details before putting the final signature on the sales papers.