Weeks ago, GM’s former vice-chairman Bob Lutz threw a challenge at everyone interested to compete against the Cadillac CTS-V. Car owners, journalists or anyone interested on taking on the CTS-V, were invited on the New York’s Monticello Motor Club track.

BMW M3 owner and 21 year old driver, Michael Cooper, defeated the CTS-V driven by Lutz, with an impressive 2:50:424 lap time. Impressed with his driving skills, BMW North America invited Michael to their Woodcliff Lake, NJ, headquarters for a meet-and-greet with Eric Riehle, BMW Performance brand manager, and Larry Koch, M Brand Manager.

Michael received a tour of the facilities and was presented with a BMW Performance Multifunction Steering Wheel. While the BMW Performance Steering Wheel was installed by BMW NA Accessory Development Engineers Jameon Cropper and Christian Gomez, Michael and Eric took a test drive in the company’s BMW Performance-enhanced 335i Sedan featuring Aero Kit, Power Kit, Exhaust System, Wheels, Short Shifter, Carbon Fiber / Alcantara Interior Trim, and of course a BMW Performance Steering Wheel.

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From left: Eric Riehle (BMW Performance brand manager) greets Michael Cooper at the BMW of North America Headquarters.

“I’m excited to present the BMW Performance Steering Wheel to someone who can truly appreciate its high tech features,” said Eric Riehle, BMW Performance brand manager. “This product is a must-have item for any motorsport enthusiast seeking that extra edge. Michael is exactly the type of client for which BMW engineered this product.”

In regards to his driving skills in the recent GM’s challenge, Larry Koch, M Brand Manager, BMW of North America said: “I was not surprised to see young upstart Michael Cooper putting away even an experienced jet-jockey like Bob Lutz at the track. Michael’s M3 Sedan is a car that will make the most of any driver’s skill, and Michael deserves recognition for his focus and consistency behind the wheel.”

And we have to agree with Mr. Koch, the M3 Sedan truly is a driver’s car. Once again congratulations Michael for the impressive performance and thanks BMWNA for acknowledging us, the BMW community.