Well, the BMW M5 E35 Cabrio was indeed built, but it never made it into production. In 1989, Motorsport engineers developed an M5 convertible, with two lengthened front doors and seating for four. It really did come very close to production – a price of 50,000 GBP was agreed, and space was even booked at the Geneva Motor Show. But one week before its intended debut, BMW “killed” it, believing it would have led to a demand for non-M 5 Series convertibles, which might have dented drop-top 3 Series sales.”

Yesterday, in front of numerous journalists, BMW unveiled for the first time the hidden gem: E34 M5 Convertible. To mark the 25th anniversary of the M5 models, European journalists were invited at Nurburgring track in Germany. Our sister blog, BimmerToday, attended the event and captured some exclusive photos of the M5 Cabriolet.

Live virtually all convertibles built at that time, the BMW M5 E34 Cabrio has a soft fabric roof top and it is quite a looker.

BMW-E34-M5-CONVERTIBLE-3Enjoy the exclusive photos and stay tuned for more photos from the event, including the BMW E39 M5 Touring.