At the beginning of this week, we kicked off a new episode of our exclusive “Be A Designer” series, a design exercise that started months ago and involves the BMW community. The project is a collaboration between BMWBLOG, and rendering artist Andrei Arvavarii and it is sponsored by Classic BMW Ohio and this latest episode focuses on one of the most exciting and addictive models from BMW: 135i Coupe.

With a large and loyal community behind it, the 135i Coupe rendering exercise should be one of the most exciting projects we have done so far, and the input we’ve received this week, has been overwhelming and intriguing at the same time. At this moment, we can’t even predict what the final rendering will look like, but we’re anxious to see the results.

By the end of this week, our rendering artist will select and analyze the comments you left us, so if there is anything else you would like to add, now it’s the time.