We hope you’re not tired of the BMW Vision Concept photos because we are definitely not. The Vision EfficientDynamics Concept is without a doubt the main attraction at the BMW Hall in Frankfurt. While there are plenty of world premieres, the Vision Concept stands out with its futuristic and unconventional design.

As you would expect, getting close to the car can be quite difficult and it requires approval from BMW’s Communication department. With their help, not only we had the opportunity to get close to the car and snap some gorgeous photos, but also we had the opportunity to interview the two, young and extremely talented Vision Concept designers.

We’re still sorting through our notes and audio recordings, but we will have some exclusive details on this breathtaking concept. For now, what we can share with you is that the Vision EfficientDynamics Concept design started this January and it has been completed in about 7 months.

bmw-vision-concept-interior-[23]Stay tuned for more updates on the Vision Concept, along with an exclusive interview with Christopher Weil, BMW’s 5 GT exterior designer.

P.S If anyone needs higher resolution photos, please let me know and we will upload them onto our Flickr BMWBLOG account.