New info on BMW 6 Series GT and future 6er models

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bmw gt 6 rendering1

The breaking news spy photos posted yesterday created a lot of marketing buzz around this new BMW concept. Initially we believed that we’re looking at …

The breaking news spy photos posted yesterday created a lot of marketing buzz around this new BMW concept. Initially we believed that we’re looking at the new BMW Sportscar Hybrid version, then we fell into the “trap” of believing that this could be indeed the longtime rumored Vision Z Concept, but in the end, sources close to BMW imply that this concept might be the precursor of the new addition to the 6 Series family: BMW 6 Series GT.

Scott27, who is part of a BMW’s “Creative Marketing” online machine, has just posted some new information regarding the 6 GT and future 6 Series products.

Here are his thoughts, unedited:

bmw gt 6 rendering1

Rendering – not the actual 6 GT

The car is extremely important not as only in Efficient Dynamics but also in design as traditional BMW design elements are interpreted further and they will make it to production cars.
The first car you will see with an upturned grille will be the next generation BMW 1er Coupe and followed by the BMW Z2 Roadster and Coupe.

The car is a four door and you are looking at a further addition to our progressive series the GT.

The Sports GT in Progressive Movement :
The BMW 6er .

Taing an almighty leap from the much maligned by the media BMW Concept Z9 Gran Turismo at the IAA in September 2009.
BMW simplified the styling , smoothing out the proportions , and liposuction the fat and adding conventional typical everyday features such as eliminating the concept door openings to present the first 6er Coupe since the successful , popular E24 6er at the IAA in 2003.

Unveiling the 6er Coupe presented it’s audience with a striking highly modern design , muscular proportions , a typical sports car feel with the driver placed way back and a (at launch) powerful V8 engine – 645i and eventually followed by a six cylinder 630i , with progressive changes involving the upgraded V8 (650i) and as an addition recently to boost it’s intentions the highly proper 635d.

Even though the car was green-lighted in 2001 before seeing the light of day in 2003 , The BMW 6er has become a classic BMW in the modern sense. Even by todays standards the 6er looks modern if not very futuristic? even the controversial (to some) rear end and bootlid has successfully been integrated to the cars overall appeal.

Today a 6er has that ability to make you stop and stare as it passes , muscular especially when equipped with the large wheels intended for this car invokes its especially individually tailored bodywork and the right footwear gives it a purpose.
Following the Coupe , BMW went further for it’s intended market and introduced a 6er Cabrio , again beautifully designed , especially with a very unique soft-top design and great proportions and specific design requirements when removing the Coupe hardtop leaving the design intact with a completely flat area stretchering from the bootlid to the A pillar.

Since it’s introduction in early 2004 the 6er Coupe and Cabrio have become successful additions to BMW’s premium market strategy , sales have been especially strong in key areas of Europe , The US market and the UK.

A feat BMW are hoping to repeat with the next generation of the 6er, aiming at the great character and individual design as the current 6er , the next 6er takes an evolutionary approach instead of a completely radical new beginning. But there are elements and many features BMW plan to incorporate into it’s effectively premium Sports car concept.

As well as taking on the role of a Coupe , BMW will follow the lead set from it’s extremely successful integration of a collapsible hardtop in the E93 3er Cabrio by replacing the existing 6er Soft-Top with collapsible hardtop. A Hardtop for this segment indicates premium and BMW aim to capture the attention and premium image the 3er Cabrio inherited in the premium sports car segment.

An additional model currently being developed for decision is an additional model of the BMW “progressive” segment “GT” which will be a Premium Sports car with four doors , not a typical sedan , coupe shape , The GT 6 will be a car that will be a “progression” of a sports coupe – It will also be the first BMW Coupe with a hatchback and four doors which will open hinged from the rear ,strictly a four seater , each passenger position and the driver are separate with a large sweeping console separating the cockpit.

Exterior wise will follow with a different look to the 6er Coupe and Cabrio which take their wide grille opening and headlights which sit above the grille positioned on each corner , similar to the current car from the CS Concept Car , although not direct interpretations there is a resemblance. The headlights when looked side on are heavily raked into the front wings to give a more dynamic sporting look , typical of the 6er flared wheel arches remain intact and will retain the 6ers muscular proportions. at the lower level of the flanks there is more sculpture which gives a connection to the latest 7er and 5er , A strong shoulder line is typical on this car again inverting into the rear lights.

Although forgoing the current cars stepped bootlid . The new car receives an integrated bootlid although design elements integrate an evolutionary look to the rear end with the license plate again relegated to the rear bumper.As the Cabrio forgoes the current car and it’s unique soft-top. The F13 receives a no compromise design related collapsible hardtop.
When we say “No Compromise” it means the same exact formula the designs put forward to the engineers on the E93 that the body had to be completely flat along the boat line and no stepped up rear end to accommodate the hardtop. BMW understanding that in this segment you have to have a beautifully engineered to perfection feel and seeing how the 3er stacks up to it’s competition , especially if you compare the E93 3er to the Lexus IS C you can understand the requirement for perfection especially in the premium sports car segment.

Although the car inherits a 3 piece hardtop , everything that goes against a hardtop is designed and engineered in this car.

Engine choices will remain consistent with the current car with the choice of the Twin-Turbo Six Cylinder and V8 of 326PS(635i) and 407PS(650i) respectively.

Diesel choice will fall on two models the lower Six cylinder diesel (635d) and the indevelopment and destined for this car the Tri-Turbo Six Cylinder diesel delivering a 700Nm and 354PS.

BMW will offer a Hybrid model being a mild hybrid as destined for the X6 and 7er later this year (655i)

The about shift in the 6er project will incorporate the latest 8-speed Transmission as well as a 7 speed DCT Transmission.

To make the 6er appeal more to Sporting enthusiasts a new damping system will offer 4 different sport settings from comfort right through to performance , including an option for efficient performance. Allowing the car to drive frugal and efficient.

BMW “Efficient Dynamics” Will of course be engineered into the car utilizing typical areas as Stop-Start and Brake Energy Regeneration.

Driving enthusiasts will take well to the new 6er if they believe the current car is too tame for a 6er. BMW want to really set the cat amongst the pigeons and offer a very establishing cross continent GT that goes as well as it looks so as soon as the driver pushes the start button , and presses that accelerator he knows that he is in a very dynamic sports car. To which with a press of button the driver can choose a setting that fulfills their requirements.

The drivers cockpit takes it’s cues from the latest Z4 and replaces the upright look of the current car with a driver integrated fascia , The main centre air ducts are almost flat on the dash with the iDrive screen integrated to the top of the dash but without the current cars separate pod.

As far the M6? There will be an M6 but final suggestion to specification has not been decided. If the M6 does come BMW will offer the M6 in all 3 body styles.

F12 BMW 6er Coupe
F13 BMW 6er Cabrio
F14 BMW 6er Gran Turismo