It was just brought to our attention that BMW has filled some new trademarks for some of their future models. Last year, we talked about a wide range of names that were registered by BMW, one of them the BMW 755 which will be used for the upcoming 7 Series hybrid version.

Other names included the sDrive which showed up in the new Z4 and also the X1 line-up. Of course some of these names might not end up in a production car, but we’re assuming BMW would like to keep their options open.

Today, we learned that two new names have been registered: ActiveE and Countryman. While no other information are being revealed at this time, we can, at best, speculate on this. The ActiveE name seems to be related in a way with the ActiveHybrid naming convention seen on the X6 hybrid model. E could stand for electric and might be relevant to future BMW electric vehicles. Last year, the eDrive trademark was filled as well.


The Countryman is most likely reserved for a crossover MINI version, but can’t confirm at this time if it’s related to the upcoming MINI Crossman which will be unveiled at the IAA Motor Show in Frankfurt.

As soon as we hear more, you’ll be the first to know!

[Source: GCZ ]