Audi vs BMW billboard

Talk about letting things go….instead of taking this like real men, the folks at Audi decided to “strike back” after they literally got owned by the now famous “Checkmate” billboard put up by Santa Monica BMW.

The famous went up a few days ago and it has been since then taken down since the space was billboard space was rented for two weeks only. The “BMW M3: Checkmate” slogan spread all over the internet within hours after it was put up and it was the most viewed article ever on our blog as well. (Digg count stopped at 3,500 votes).

So, Audi, instead of letting this one go, they decided to ask their fans for help and created a Facebook page where users can submit their own version of the billboard. Sometimes it’s OKAY to let things ago, especially since Audi has been poking at BMW for months now, starting with the Meet the Beckers video series and then the Superbowl Ad.

You can’t win it all Audi and that chess game ended two days ago!

Here are some “attempts” at being funny. The first one is an official Audi billboard, the others are just photoshoped.