Billboards War: BMW vs. Audi

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BMW and Audi are dueling again, but this time, onto the “marketing battle field”. And what would be the best place to do so other …

BMW and Audi are dueling again, but this time, onto the “marketing battle field”. And what would be the best place to do so other than the one of the top states when it comes to car luxury sales: California.

On the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Beverly Glen Blvd (corrected the location), Audi has put up some billboards showing the all new Audi A4 along with the headline: “Your move, BMW”. Santa Monica BMW, a local dealership, took on the challenge and entered a virtual chess game ….of course, with cars rather than pawns, kings or queens.

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But which one is the king though? Will it be the BMW M3 Coupe or the Audi A4? Fair comparison? Probably not, but it’s all fun in the end.

Press Release

Juggernaut Advertising, an independent advertising agency headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, has initiated a tactical outdoor marketing campaign on behalf of BMW of Santa Monica. The campaign is in response to Audi’s current billboards challenging BMW with the headline “Your move, BMW.”

Juggernaut Advertising’s creative work features the BMW M3 with the headline “Checkmate.” and is positioned prominently within the same sightline to westbound traffic as the Audi ad. Juggernaut approached BMW of Santa Monica after identifying a unique and immediate geographical opportunity along the highly trafficked Santa Monica Blvd. corridor between Beverly Hills and Santa Monica.

“When we heard the idea, we loved it and couldn’t resist going forward,” says Del Montell, Jr. of Santa Monica BMW.

P.S If anyone can come up with a better ad in response to Audi’s billboard, we will gladly post it here. Let’s see some creativity!

[Source: Juggernaut Advertising ]


Thanks for the tip Ale and Stephen!

204 responses to “Billboards War: BMW vs. Audi”

  1. jon H says:

    fantastic! i actually laughed aloud when i saw this

    • Onlooker says:

      Clever advertising, BMW won the battle but Audi is winning the war. Audi has re-branded themselves as the progressive luxury car. Mercedes is catching up finally with the current redesigns but how is BMW adapting? By offering maintenance for up to 50,000 miles.. come on BMW you can do better, maybe its time for a redesign as well.

  2. Elio says:

    Looks like a BMW dealer’s response rather than BMW’s response.

  3. Gord says:

    That’s is really funny ! Very creative and funny. :D

  4. Feco says:

    Audi owned again.

  5. ClassicBMW says:

    Nice use of the helmet!

  6. Funny, these two companies have the best marketing for auto companies. Benz and Lexus suck at marketing. This reminded me of an old Audi AD

  7. I got cut off some reason, anyways the old is hillarious here is the billboards

    Audi’s response to the above link

  8. dmlgc says:

    Maybe audi should put a string of their ridiculous looking “pep boys aftermarket lights” across the front of the car on their billboard.

  9. Pato says:

    BMW rulesss!!!

  10. mpower says:

    Hahaha !

    “Checkmate” I love it .

    BMW owned them with 1 word…at their own game.

    BMW !

  11. D Solomon says:

    BMW look alone killing the Audi billboard. It looks like the BMW M3 is about to jump off the billboard and run like it suppose to do!! BMW is number 1!

  12. Carlos Perez says:

    ROFL man this is hilarious, hope they would allow this kind of marketing in my country (You can indiscriminately embarrass or damage another brand )

    BTW the one that posted from audi is also a good one.

    By casualty anyone have this picture in high quality to used it as a wall paper?

  13. Doug says:

    Lol…. brilliant.

    I wonder how long Audi’s ad is contracted to run for.

  14. R. Carlos says:

    Let me say something.

    Im a fan of german cars. I dont have a favorite one. I just love audis for the design, bmw for the engines and merdeces for the prestige.

    As a true fan I have to say that BMW kingdom is getting to an end. Now is time for Audi to set new rules in the game. They have the cars, the engines and the marketing to kick any car maker ass in the world.

    In my country, the’re are a lot of bmw’s, but in the last few years we can see a boom in Audis, especially in the Audi A4 and Q7. Thats because bmw are a lot cheaper than Audis. They bring here Bmw 318i with a price of $36,000 and Audi A4 price is $45,000 with the 1.8 turbo engine, meaning that Audis are for wealthy people now.

    Maybe this is only in my country, i guess… but next decade you will see a difference in the car market.

    • Audilover says:


      • Daniel H ( aka :p ) says:

        The 2.0 is compared to a 328i, the S4 is compared to the 335i. BMW has more options to pick so its price is higher. I like the 2.0 over the 328i, Easier to tune and looks nice. I would picka 335i over the S4 though since it the twin turbo can also be tuned over the supercharger.

    • Bill says:

      you are an idiot BMW is more expensive cause its engines and interior are better. so is the chassis

  15. Gil says:

    Yeah, but it goes beyond design, engines, and marketing. Audi also needs to amp up their after-sales (service) department. I’m personally hugely disappointed after owning 2 Audis. 3 dealerships around my area all suck when it comes to service.

    • Audilover says:


      • BMW Driver (B'cuz it's Fun as) says:

        @ Audi Lover>>>>> Sorry to tell you this but you’re WRONG about Audi passing BMW! I will keep it simple by adding that 0-60 times doesn’t dictate a cars quality or driving characteristics. Back in 2006 there was a Luxury Sport Sedan Comparison Road Test and the BMW 330i won despite being the slowest and least powerful car there. The other cars had more hp and torque but they didn’t have the dynamics of what makes BMW’s stand out. BMW introduced the 335i a year later which was even faster and better than it’s predecessor. In other words BMW is the whole package, benchmark, standard, yardstick, epitome, quintessence–yeah, all of that. And they get better every year.

  16. Jag says:

    I totally disagree that Audi’s engines and designs are better than BMW’s

  17. Nikita says:

    the only person who wuld hve benefited frm this so toughtful ad campaign are the Advertising agencies of BMW and Audi….strategic location, concept and size of billboard does come for some price….

  18. George says:

    I can’t understand what is the difference in driving between a VW and an Audi?!? I can see a difference in terms of quality, but the driving dynamics are almost identical! Audi would be nothing if it wasn’t for VW.

    And for their V-10 engine, they used the same one found in the Lamborghini Gallardo. Give me a break!

    Audi folks are the same as the Lexus fans who think that they are not driving a “high quality” TOYOTA.

    • nsiba says:

      I love this 1

    • Automotive Engineer says:

      George, get your facts straight! Audi was a stand alone company by itself way before VW…Audi was founded in 1909 and VW in 1937. VW offered cheaper cars, and therefore was able to make enough profit to buy the majority shares of Audi. Since then, VW used Audi’s technology and driving dynamics from Audi’s previous generation models to enhance those of VW’s. The similarity you probably experienced was from a high performance VW compared to a base Audi…test drive a high performance Audi and then make a statement.

      Also, due to your lack of research and knowledge, probably b/c of your puny brain, you’d know that AUDI OWNS LAMBORGHINI ! ! ! So yes, the V10 engine is the same as the one in the Gallardo…oh, and also, the Gallardo has a quattro, but you probably wouldn’t know that either. That’s why its Audi AG (Aktien Gesellschaft) or as Americans say, Automotive Group.

      Lexus is all about luxury, no compromise for performance, b/c they don’t care about performance, it’s about plush luxury. Audi focuses on Luxury and Performance like BMW without compromises. The motives of Lexus differs completely with that of Audi. The only model from Audi and VW that share the same platform is the A4 and the Passat with the B Platform, which was developed by Audi.

      Usually when a giant car group takes over a good small car company to add to their group, it is to the advantage of the bigger company, because they utilize the technology and design aspects from the smaller company…take Ford and Volvo, Ford used Volvo’s technology on safety and reliability to better ford models. now Ford cars are actually decent and are competing with the Japanese in the category of reliability.

      Don’t get me wrong, BMW is a great company, all the German automakers make awesome cars, I’ve bought 3 of them myself, but talking trash about some without proper knowledge and background information, is not a smart move.

      Do your research next time…5 minutes would make you appear smarter.

  19. BMW E46 Fan says:

    Hahaha! Those ads are great! :D The fight between the brands in the US is always funny :) You rememeber the Audi, BMW, Subaru, Bentley ads I suppose?

  20. Ale says:

    @R. Carlos:

    From R. Carlos post: “in the last few years we can see a boom in Audis, especially in the Audi A4 and Q7. Thats because bmw are a lot cheaper than Audis”

    Sorry , but that dont make any sense at all. So because in your country Audi are more expensive than BMW , more people buyed? mmm…

    From R. Carlos post: “They (Audi) have the cars, the engines and the marketing to kick any car maker ass in the world”

    Ok, lets star with the cars. Audi and BMW are different. But let me put it as simple as I can: If you like to drive (if a are A DRIVER) you will always choose BMW (over Audi). Simple uh?

    The engines: from Autoblog “…and the grand winner is not surprisingly an engine from BMW, just like it has been for the last three years going back to 2005. The Bavarian automaker’s 5.0L V10 won the award that year and in 2006, and BMW’s luscious 3.0L twin-turbo inline six-cylinder engine won it in 2007 and has repeated its performance by winning the International Engine of the Year Award again for 2008. We get it, BMW makes really good engines”

    Marketing: Sure, Audi commercial are getting a lot of buzz lately (specially for the super bowls ads) but BMW, is a trully marketing icon. Some facts:

    1- Many leading business schools use BMW marketing as a study case.

    2- BMW is recognized as the most innoveted company in the automotive sector (eg. BMW Films)

    BMW’s brand identity is based on clearly differentiated values that set it apart from the competition. The visual identity – white and pure, technically brilliant, with emotionally charged content – is based on these values. This BMW’s values are highly differentiated and relevant to consumers and it takes years of investment in building this kind of brand value. Audi has a lot of work ahead to catch up in this departament.

    There is an excellent book about BMW marketing call “Driven: Inside BMW, the Most Admired Car Company in the World” written by David Kiley. From Amazon: “Kiley examines the business practices that put BMW on top, and the marketing efforts that keep it there. BMW’s brand strength and knack for developing the most sought-after cars in the world inspire jealousy and admiration among marketers everywhere. Its well-crafted brand message–The Ultimate Driving Machine–is widely admired for its clarity and consistency, just as BMW’s cars are admired for their authenticity and performance”

    From R. Carlos post: “…next decade you will see a difference in the car market”

    You got that right buddy!


    (sorry for my english!)

  21. ShuraKh says:

    Glad to see it!

    I thought I’d never see this ads’ game again :) Think they both love it! :)

    Can’t wait for next game! )))

  22. Kevin G says:

    I love the fact that in the shot of the Audi billboard, you see the “do not enter” and “wrong way” signs. :-)

  23. Jag says:

    @Kevin: yeah, you’re right. what a coincidence (and praise the photographer for discovering that) @Ale: stunning!

  24. That’s awesome! I love it when advertising is actually clever and funny.

  25. R. Carlos says:

    @Ale: As I told you I dont have any favorite… but what I wrote before is what is happening now.

    When i refer as Bmw are cheaper, I mean in quality. If you are a wealthy person, you will obviously go for the best option, no matter the price.

    The cheaper BMW are 318i… Here that engine sucks. Its unefficient, thirsty and the car have a lot of problems (mechanical and electrical).

    • BMW Driver (B'cuz it's better than the rest) says:

      I bet it’s a different story if you opt for an equally priced BMW. If you are a wealthy person, you will obviously go for the best option, no matter the price…. So why the hell is a BMW 318i one of your options? I’m sure BMW offers the 335i or the M3 in your country.

  26. zOnk.oNe says:

    Wow…corporate ‘graffiti’ and everyone seems to love it. Gross.
    I hope an artist paints something worth seein on those soon.

  27. Horatiu B. says:

    @Kevin G: This billboard could be used as a great lesson in marketing

  28. Kyle says:

    haha thats funny how there is an S6 and 6series in that intersection.

  29. Kyle says:

    @dmlgc: Mercedes is going to start using LED’s as well. There’s nothing pep boys about them.

  30. Eric says:

    I live right around the corner from this intersection, and laughed out loud when I pulled up to the red light and saw the new M3 ad. Very clever. Granted, I’m waiting for Audi to throw up an ad for the RS5 when that shows up…

  31. Lance says:

    Audi Design is no where near that of BMW. Look at that ugly stretched A4 with worm likeLED – abosolute trash compared to the pedigree BMW right next to it. That A4 can only wish it’s as good as a 3 Series. Well, the only thing it is better at is that it is cheaper to make being a VW with 4 rings.

    BMW is definately the king here – everything is just so much bigger, higher and better, just like the billboard and the car. Better luck next time Audi (VW)

  32. Carlos Perez says:

    Its easy, whose trying to catch who, Audi is trying to catch BMW, BMW is the benchmark then BMW is not better, is THE BEST.

  33. Gord says:

    No offence to Audi, but they should have expected this to happen. Audi NA’s marketing does alot of comparisons with its rivals.

  34. P.wong says:

    mr carlos, did u read what you wrote? there is a reason they attacked bmw and not mb or lexus, audi has made a lot of improvemnt lately but come on, Bmw had paid its dues and is still king

  35. werewolf says:

    Nice ad. I love my BMW. One word of caution… never buy your BMW from crevier bmw if you live in southern california.

  36. Samuel Fox says:

    Hi, I’m part of the Internet’s Typo Squad. You mispelled ‘pawn’ by spelling it ‘pon’. Just letting you know. Thanks!

    – Ess Fox

  37. Will says:

    This billboard is actually in Century City on the corner of Santa Monica Blvd. and Beverly Glen Blvd…..Not in Santa Monica :)

  38. Drew says:

    funny, Audi is just happy to be in the same category as BMW, even if it means doing something like this. The fact that BMW even acknowledged the billboard means something. i’m an Audi fan bc the interior of a BMW is garbage. Audi has come a long way in the 10 years. you have to give them their props.

    • mAX says:


  39. Horatiu B. says:

    @Samuel Fox: Thank you, missed that one.

  40. mike says:

    That’s not in Santa Monica. It’s on Santa Monica at Beverly Glen… more like Century City, on the verge of Beverly Hills.

  41. Rafael VonBuyten says:

    Its quite humorous to see all these bmw fanboys saying zommggg bmw rulez!! bla bla but they cant even clearly dictate WHY. I have owned both bmw’s, audis and vdubs. to say that a vdub handles the same as the brilliance of a quattro is quite an ignorant statement to say the least. by the looks of it, most of you lot have never even driven all 4 german brands. fact of the matter is Audi is and has been on the rise. to the bloke who labeled the a4 as “trashy” yer havin a laugh mate. are you really that thick? who does bmw own? hmm o wow mini cooper! good job. ill take porsche and lamborghini kthx. haha bmw jumped the gun and put out an m3? quite naive on their part. bmw should atleast put a 3 series. i reckon the a4 on the billboard will be replaced with either an rs4,rs6 or r8.

    • mAX says:


      • gizz says:

        max is retarded BMW FUCKIN SUCKS audi OWNS lambo so who u guys think would fuckin win peice of shit bmw or roylce royce VS a lambo huh so shut up u retard

        • Lance says:

          Sorry to burst your bubble but VW owns Audi and VW owns Lambo, not Audi. You will never see a piece of Lambo in an Audi, all you see in an Audi are VW parts and VW engines. They come from the same factory. That’s why when they have a recall on engines, VW, Audi, Skoda, Seat are all recalled together. I feel sorry for fools that think Audi is any more premium than a VW, let alone trying to copete with a pedigree like BMW. Why else would The BMW Group be the number 1 premium car company in the world??? Most people value independence and originality. If BMW was to put a Tata engine in its 1 Series, they would be going the Audi route.

          • David says:

            Wow. . . . . I will only make one comment. 80% of everyone who posts here don’t know anything about cars and their components. People who just stick up for a brand are just groupies. BMW makes really powerful sound machines. Audi makes really powerful sound machines. This will be a never ending fight because both companies go pound for pound. Audi usually does put out the better product but at the cost of price. IE M3 vs RS4, M5 vs RS6 and this list will continue on for every model, high and low end.

            In reference to Lance’s stupidity and complete ignorance the Bugatti Veyron *acclaimed the best car in the world*, which btw Bugatti is owned by VW, uses the same W12 Powerplant that is in the Phaeton and A8L W12. They add 4 turbos and work it. The engineers who work on Bugatti call VW and Audi engineers for help and vice versa.

            BTW Audi S6 and Audi S8 and R8 V10 uses an engine DEVELOPED by LAMBORGHINI

            And check Wards list of top 10 Engines I believe Audi along with BMW, and many other solid car manufacturers are consistent in their engine quality.

            And sorry to “burst your bubble” Lance but if you are referring to racing the fact that Audi was banned back in the 80s for their quattro technology due to winning “no competition” in a competitive sport for many consecutive years is just a pointer. But Audi isn’t the greatest company as Rallying is now a fight between Subaru and Mitsubishi.

            More currently if you are referring to “racing technology” why is it that BMW heavily lags in the Le Mans which is currently owned by Audi and then Peugot??

          • Matt says:

            @ David

            I thought it was just Ford and Citroen in WRC at the moment?

          • Lance says:

            @David: If you read what I wrote, I did not mention the fact that VW’s Audis are slower than BMWs, nor did I say VW’s engines that are in their Audi vehicles are less powerful than BMWs (although in most cases they are and they need to compensate by putting in unreliable turbo’s, but that’s besides the point.) The fact of the matter is that although you value a sports car solely by its speed and hp, I don’t. There is something more important: this is called balance. That’s is why a BMW with less hp than an Audi (claiming to have more hp and speed) can complete a lap quicker. I have not driven a Bugatti, nor do I know what’s under the hood. All I know is that it is the quickest production car and is part of the VW prison and I also know that it is not that great to drive and is certainly not a proper sports car to many. So, the best car in the world in your terms (probably mean the fastest) may not be one that you’d showcase to beings from outer space… it’s like saying the fastest runner on earth is the best human being! Do you realise what kind of a pathetic statement you are making?

            I see you are also part of the gang that has been fooled… what’s this helping each other out non-sense? Have you heard of cost cutting? This may well be a nice marketing trick to tell their customers, yet you might find that there is just one big team for the group! So I don’t buy that for a sec.

            Which eye did you see BMW taking part in the proper LeMans since 1999 when they won it, that’s if we are referring to the same race. Audi WAS winning because of BMW’s absence. Furthermore, don’t make comments about BMW’s racing tech when Audi’s (is it S or RS or whatever they copied from Ford’s racing names) tremble in fear when BMW’s M is near. And let me bring your attention to the fact that Audi lost with their TDI engines, which gives confirmation about the reliability of their cars and the lack of refinement of their Diesel engines.

            Finally, I value a car that is well balanced in terms of driving dynamics, efficiency and power. Quality and reliability must be a given. VW’s way of boosting profits by using their non-premium parts that they use in their Polo and Golfs in the (supposed to be) premium is unethical in my view. I would be unhappy if BMWs were to use Tata engines. In my view, the most balanced car on the planet is THE BMW M3 COUPE. IT IS SOMETHING THAT I WOULD BE PROUD TO SHOW MY FRIENDS IN OUTER SPACE.

          • AD says:

            hey read my comment at the bottom

  42. Horatiu B. says:

    @Rafael VonBuyten: Rafael, I agree, Audi has come a long way and they build some great cars, but as they say….can’t really discuss personal taste.

    And yes, the RS4 would be a better competitor to the M3. The whole point of this article was to show a funny moment.

  43. Rafael VonBuyten says:

    And indeed it was! :D

    i personally think its great to have a healthy competition such as the one displayed in Los Angeles. I was simply responding to the previous comments. I fully agree that personal preference cannot be measured. I love both bmw’s and audi’s btw.

  44. Ryan says:

    Should have used the new one series.

  45. JP says:

    @Rafael VonBuyten: Well said.

  46. Matt says:

    Comparing an M3 to a A4? Yeh, that’s a fair comparison lmao.
    Audi should put up a R8 with the caption “Game Over”

  47. Jag says:

    @Matt: do you really think every pieces on the chessboard are pawns?

  48. Eddie says:

    This is what they need to do…

  49. Matt says:

    @Eddie: lol nice work

  50. Ryan says:

    Audi should throw up the R8, and say “Try Again”

  51. Haha! That is just great!

  52. phil says:

    Das ist nicht auf deutschem “Mist” gewachsen, so was ist typisch Amerikanisch. Kinderkram, kostet nur unnötig Geld.

  53. JohnRider says:

    Wow, i’ve never seen such impressive fanboyism in my days. You all certainly know how to suck on the BMW knob.

  54. Violet says:

    That is AWESOME! If only our clients would let us do some fun stuff like that! That’s what it’s all about in advertising, not producing what everyone has already seen, give us something new!

    And it’s a shame that the TV Show Trust Me was cancelled, that’s crap!

  55. @Rafael….

    Sure there may be some BMW fanboys on here more prolly don’t even own either brand. Who cares really, their all entitled to their opinion.

    BMW is the king of the hill. They could have used a 335i w/the ZMP kit(yes they are now offering the ///M-tech kit in the US as an option) and still slapped around the A4. They can add the RS4 and the M3 is still on top of that overpriced heap. They chose the M3 as there is nothing in the A4 line that can beat it. Unfair would have been placing an M5 or M6 on that board.

    Oh and I own a 3er so I know what I’m talking about. I test drove the A4, IS, and C-Class and look where I ended up. The interior isn’t that much better in the other cars to claim some mythical win over the 3er and they all pale in nearly every other category.

    @ R. Carlos…

    Talk about materialism. The car being more expensive doesn’t make it instantly better. Then your country consists of a few to many status symbol whores. The 318i sole purpose is to attract young or lower income buyers to the BMW brand. They have an entire line of 3ers and your using the 318i as what to judge upon? These people you speak of could easily get an upper level 3er such as the 330i/d or 335i/d and easily spend more then the A4. Your argument has no weight and the example is poor.

  56. Hardly a fair comparison. Audi should respond with an add showing the R8 and the caption “game BMW, match Audi”

  57. R. Carlos says:

    @Garrett Mosback: Ok man… That’s what is happening here. BMW’s are a thing of the past. Now Audi is the trend. Its no my fault. I don’t own an Audi or a BMW, and I even don’t care. I told before that I like all german cars, I don’t have any favorites.

  58. danat86 says:

    Cheap move by BMW. You cant really compare A4 with M3, whats the point? To asnwer, Audi needs to throw R8 over there, then it would be interesting to see how BMW fanboys cry out that its unfair.

    Or throw X3 and Q5 up there.

  59. Horatiu B. says:

    @danat86: It wasn’t BMW, it was a local dealership.

  60. Matski says:

    Interesting… Audi are spending Millions and Millions on creating a negative image of all their competitors – ‘Meet the Beckers’, The Transporter Style Super Bowl Ad, the obvious targetting of Lexus in recent TV ads. It’s as pathetic as it is arrogant, two traits which are rapidly becoming linked with the Audi brand and the people that buy into it. This advert made me laugh, I didn’t read anything into it at all, I just think the whole setup is good – like two giants battling it out in suburban Santa Monica! But for the Audi fan boys to take offence to this, whilst defending things like the beckers videos as clever harmless fun… well maybe I should add hypocritical to pathetic and arrogant into my image of the Audi brand… shame, because I’m sure the cars on there own are very good, maybe Audi should focus on promoting the positive image of their products, than trying to face off with the other brands all the time.

    Just my two cents.

  61. D solomon says:

    Matski I agree that Audi needs to keep focus on all their postives like their R8 and Q7 and generate the fan base of the popular car not compare their cars to BMW. If you have the look than you have the look!

  62. Jake says:

    Definitely a win for BMW, but Audi’s are by far better all-around cars. More thoughtful instrument cluster and one-touch drive system, hands down the best AWD in any automobile, and more bang for your buck.

  63. Malcolm says:

    That is automotive marketing at it’s best. It just does not get any better than that. Totally a classic! I would like to see this battle in a couple more months and re-post another article about it on here and Great work Horatiu!!! Keep it up!

  64. Malcolm says:

    Audi should seriously consider this: Post an R8 and simply say “King Me” that would be WIN! HA HA!

  65. Steven says:

    I was today and the BMW ad was already replaced. I guess the dealership doesn’t have the budget for more than a couple days.

    Both billboards:
    Just the former BMW billboard:

  66. Horatiu B. says:

    Here is why the billboard is not there anymore:

    “The billboard was only available for a couple of weeks, as it was contracted to another advertiser through the end of the year. We had to pull out all the stops to take advantage of the limited window just to get it up at all”

  67. Horatiu B. says:

    This had to be one of the most viral ads I have seen lately….over 3500 diggs and posted on hundreds of websites.

  68. danat86 says:

    Audi invites fans to create a response billboard, looks like the war is on again..

  69. Horatiu B. says:

    WOW!! What we started here :)

  70. Jag says:

    i don’t know how far these things would go. but in my opinion, audi has lost, already. when you put out an ad, which directly challenge another and they have a good way to respond, you lose. no need for a further move.

  71. yadi says:

    goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddd its veryy good

  72. Mrk says:

    And for you Audi fanboys, M3 is also answer to R8. R8 isn´t faster!!!

  73. Ambyr Rush says:

    BMW should respond back with reliability. When it comes to reliability sorry! But Audi doesn’t stand a chance. The Audi A4 is just a re skinned Volkswagen Jetta. ENOUGH SAID!!!

  74. Avinash Machado says:

    #Ambyr Rush BMW’s are not that reliable. German cars in general seem to have reliability problems nowadays. German Engineering is no longer what it used to be. Lexus is highly reliable among the luxury brands.

  75. Andy says:

    That’s what i call real marketing!

  76. Allen says:

    Audi should put the pic of the new R8…that kills any bmw

    • Lance says:

      In what way? All BMW models are best in class. By putting a worst in class R8 just adds to Audi’s inferiority as a company that’s part of VW, mass producing perceived premium from VW factories and using VW parts and engines…. FAKE WANNABE!

  77. Aaron says:

    Once again bmw is the king of tacky. The audi’s model speaks for itself.

  78. D solomon says:

    It’s crazy for BMW to even entain this issue, Their website speaks for itself. Audi doesn’t have any define lines in their car. BMW is like Big Ben, the clock is old but still prestige to many people. Now days no one has their own idenity except BMW or the Mercedes line, so when you take a look at the poster board of BMW just look up and say hmm that prestige BMW and I know that I looking at a BMW!

  79. Aaron says:

    Aaron, ru the Aaron from PWF!?

  80. Amazing BMW, the pictures are great!

  81. Tom says:

    Even though I’m a big Audi fan, i have to admit that BMW wins this ad battle and it’s pretty funny

  82. Ma says:

    “Another game… Audi?” The all new BMW 3 Series.

  83. Nick b says:

    I love how the audi fanboys are ranting about how “unfair” bmw fans are though it’s pretty clear they cant take the loss lol.

    What they said on topgear is sad but true … the cocks moved over to audi can’t believe how full of yourselves most of you are. Doesn’t matter which, they’re great cars, but you can’t deny the fact that bmw are purely bimmers, while audi’s are puzzles of not so luxury brands except some engines. And even after that, BMW’s engines win more awards than the ones audi adopts.

    Looks both in and out are purely based on taste and they both lost some beauty contests on the way eg 5 GT , A2 , A1, …

    End of story bmw wins this add, it’s funny, just as all of the other commercials by bmw and audi are.

  84. Daniel says:

    I think that BMW nailed Audi ad… it doesnt matter if someone think audi is better than bmw or if bmw shows a m3 against a regular A4. Every regular guy passing by those Billboards with only 15 seconds to think about the Ads will LOL at audi.

  85. Supraj says:

    Audi just got PWNED!!! LOL!!!

    • gizz says:

      YA GO AUDI U RULE YA i have a modded b5 rs4 red black 19s black inter preformace chip carbon fiber hood custom grill amp subs quattro air intake 1.8 turbo just FUCKIN AMAZING GO AUDI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. person? says:


  87. Dr. Boston says:

    BMW’s so yesterday. Audi’s the future luxury x)

  88. James Prisby says:

    There’s only 1 ULTIMATE DRIVING MACHINE….i think we all know who that is. M6 with tagline…”after us.” FTW!

  89. Morgan Welch says:

    Wonderful. That’s what this is.

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  91. Dave says:

    Theres something sexy about a bmw to me. Although I have been seeing a lot of buzz about audi lately and a ton of new commercials.

  92. Omer Imran says:

    BMW or AUDI ????? This is a difficult question . Well Audi fans will support Audi nd Bmw fans will support Bmw . But u see AUDI has improved alot and is competing easily with good cars of the world . Same goes with BMW . But u see Audi Q7 is way better than Bmw X5 , Audi A8 is better than Bmw 7 Series etc . Audi has alot ov cars for all kinds of classes . Bmw is also a great car company but they dont have much cars , they need new designs , new tech nd stuff . Well sometime BMW wins the fight but Audi is winning the WAR . Personally I think that AUDI is better than BMW but this WAR is not over . Noone knows who would win the next second .

    • KidrauhlM5 says:

      But I think that Audi Q7 is a competitor to BMW X6 since the Q7 is as the same size as the X6 compared to a smaller X5. Personally, I think that BMW 7-Series is a little, just a little bit better than the A8 for some reason. But I have to admit it that Audi have gone much better sometimes in terms of quality and not the price. But you have to remember one thing that BMW always switch design after 7 years for each model. Traditional BMW’s way. So I think, the brand new 5-Series which is due next year could throw away Audi A6, the new 3-Series in 2012 could throw the A4 away but still expect the unexpected :)

  93. :p says:

    The R8 with 4.2 liter V8 is just about as fast as the M3. both are about 4.25 to 4.75 seconds on a 0-60 mph run. V10 R8 is as fast as the Cadillac CTS-V. Both got 3.9 seconds. The R8 looks more sportier so it looks faster. But R8 is not in M3 Territory because its a 2 seater like a Porsche 911 GT2. A4,S4,A5,S5 and 3xx are comparable

  94. Kennedy says:

    This advertisement shows a lot of creativity and cleverness by the marketing team at Santa Monica BMW. Not only did Audi set themselves up for this type of responses but also a BMW is much more fit for Santa Monica. The reason people tend to favor Audi is because of the Quattro all wheel drive, which performs exceptionally well in the snow. So unless the crowd around this area is big into trips to the mountains during the winter I would believe that most consumers in the area would prefer the BMW’s.

  95. dhon dhon says:

    BMW Vision efficient dynamics concept is very good very very good

  96. AD says:

    First let me say im just a kid. So all of my statements are not supported by cool facts like u guys have. This lance guy in my opinion is a guy who has simply jumped on the bandwagon of BMW. so no matter what u tell him he will come back with an answer. he talks about balance… umm if ur gona buy a sports car i highly doubt u r worried about the gas messing up the planet because if u were u can go buy a hybrid. my dad has an audi a4 2008 and that thing is a beast. My best friends dad happens to have a competing BMW. i have driven in both of these cars under many circumstances and in my opinion the audi is a more comfortable, quick, all aroujnd better ride. So cool BMW had a awesome reply to a stupid markating idea by audi. If they wouldnt have put themselves out there like that BMW would still look like the losers. Half u people talking crap about these cars wether it be one brand or the other have probably never driven in either. and if u have under what circumstances did u drive them. going 30 on mainstreets. wow how cool r u. and if ur talking about racing if BMW is to scared to put in a car because technologicly they r to far behind that should give u a huge hint. And the price of cars.. so u walk through the store and see two irons that both do the same thing(in the cars case get u where u need to go) the people who use the irons for more important things would choose the more expensive iron because it is a higher grade version of the same thing. so if u r a old guy sitting at home like most of u are then u have no need for a car as ballin as an audi. so u can have fun in ur BMWs. dont get cought going 45 in a school zone speedsters!! haha please comment back. i wana hear ur reply to that. because its probably as lame as ur other ones. o and i forgot something. if u guys would take a lambo over a BMW like any non deranged person would and lambo is puttin out the same engines that audi is then wouldnt that mean u would take an audi over a BMW. or do u like the copycat version BMW did of the audi better so ur gona choose that. LATER

  97. :p says:

    I am also a little bit young to drive (turning 16 soon). I am still a Motor sports fan so i would know a bit about these cars. Texas(USA) has many abandoned airstrips you can drag race on. I know one across my highway. you wouldn’t see much Euro cars here. you would mostly see modded Supras and civics going 0-60 in 3 to 5 seconds. my 1st car is either a BMW M3, Audi S4/5 , Cadillac CTS, Ford Taurus Sho, and a Subaru STI, and Infiniti G37. There are some other cars that im considering

  98. Brian says:

    Thought I saw this before where Audi did use the R8. And as for reliabilty, I chose an S4 after my buddy’s M3 needed a flatbed 3 times in one year. As for drag racing, if you want to drag get a Ford Cobra GT or a SHO. If you want a nice car with a great finish, handing and feel, go Audi or BMW.

  99. SnowTi says:

    BMWs have ALWAYS performed and looked better than Audi’s.

  100. Over here in Northern Ireland we have lots of Beemers, Audi, Mercedes and anytyhing else you could call a quality car. I drive a c220cdi Merc, regularly getting 40mpg. I had a drive in an Audi A4 S line the other day,a really nice vehicle,I have driven various B.M.W. models but nothing that really does it for me. I have heard that B.M.W. are h

  101. Sorry for the break,it must be my slow typing! As I was sayimg B.M.W. are having problems with electronics on the newer models, people now say that B.M.W. stands for Big Money Wasted. I like the shape of most of them though,but reliability comes on top of the list as far as I am concerned.

  102. AVE Noumery says:

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    signature: :D

  103. Neil says:

    BMW should just say, King Takes Rook

  104. bo1o02 says:

    BMW: KING ME!!

  105. This whole argument that Audi is a VW is stupid. Its as much a Porsche, Lamborghini, Bugatti and a Bentley as a VW. Employing that same argument, I suggest that BMW stick to manufacturing MINI One’s and little motorbikes! BMW have an extremely poor build quality… Try and find a BMW with 2 or 300k miles and then compare that to a similar Mercedes or Audi with similar mileage! And as for performance, the RS6 v the M5 speaks for itself, and before the argument starts that the RS6 is turboed…try the M5 Hurricane v the new RS6 MTM or the EDT RS6!

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  108. Jim Sims says:

    No matter what BMW always has the edge on benz. BMW is for young people and Mercedes for older.

  109. nick says:

    audi should say, “Checkmate to u BMW” while showing the R8. that, bmw will be so pissed :)

  110. fatjoe says:

    BMW Audi Billboard wars part 3

  111. Marvin says:

    BMW is better vviieell than Audi

  112. Jerkov Wain-Kerr says:

    Well done, speculators and aspiring creative directors. Ahhh yes: coulda shoulda woulda, eh? Audi shoulda, and coulda. Spare my 40 year-old BMW 335 owner brain from your words of wisdom, son. Your words mean phuk-all, boy. Who cares anyway? I’m trading my 335 in for a Q7 4.2 FSI soon, as I now have a family and need the extra space. (One day, you’ll might take your knob out of your palm for long enough to create your own family, loser-laddie). Yawn….phuk, it appears that you lack bigger and more worthwhile adult issues to occupy your time. PS: talk to the hand, jerk-boy. PPS: BMW has lost the plot with their inferior interiors, and Audi has lost the plot with their inferior engines.

  113. NANA says:

    Audi FTW! :D

  114. Roland Renno says:

    Audi is in another league than BMW.

    BMW has won almost half of the engines’ awards till now of all other car manufacturers. BMW is the benchmark when it comes to Engineering, Technology, and Innovation.

    Audi is to be compared with Mercedes-Benz maybe, so those who think Audi is near BMW is beyond imagination or maybe something they would have loved to happen someday IF ever.

    BMW Guru

    • arjun says:

      Yes you are saying wright BMW has got awards very much. But do you think Audi have an award.

      • Camille LaVeure says:


        Audi is now above BMW and Mercedes and has been for a few years now. Obviously, you have never owned an Audi, BMW or Mercedes and have no idea what entails a superior vehicle.

        You must drive a truck or maybe a Honda.


  115. arjun says:

    BMW is better than audi.Audi is also fine,but BMW is better

  116. arjun says:

    My friend Vimal says also BMW is better and my another is saying audi is better what stupid.

  117. arjun says:

    BMW is King of cars and ferrari.Salute them

  118. arjun says:

    I would love to own Bmw.

  119. vimal says:

    I think arjun is right bmw is cool

  120. vimal says:

    audi is also best but bmw is no. 1

  121. vimal says:


  122. arjun says:

    thank you vimal .BMW is a car who beat every each car.Dont thjink about audi

    • Camille LaVeure says:

      Actually Audi has beat out BMW, Mercedes and others as of late – re-educate yourself before posting your ignorance. :)

      • Daniel Hoang says:

        Just the A/S4 and A/S6. The rest have loss in comparo test but are getting more refined with each new generation. I like to see the new A8 pitch against the 7 and S class.

  123. arjun says:

    BMW is a guru

  124. Andy says:

    Audi should post a nice shot of the latest R8 and say “oh really”…

  125. Sam says:

    Well, I’m not exactly really knowledgable about something like this…being 14, and the last real most was in may…but, in the end, I prefer BMW, even if the Audi R8 is one of my friends favorite cars. And if Jeremy Clarkson said it was like smearing honey on Keira Knightley. I would rather have the M3 than an Audi R8, for some unexplainable reason…

  126. BMW wins hands down — & for all those people who reckon Audi is the next best thing to a twin turbocharger — I’ve had 2 & both packed it in around 40,000 ks — my verdict: Audi’s ARE SOFT! In fact, reliability wise — they’re back where BMW was 20 years age. Cheers everyone…& may the best brand win.

  127. Camille LaVeure says:

    As an ex-BMW and Mercedes owner, I must admit I love my Audi more than I ever cared about the BMW or Mercedes.

    The Audi surpasses both BMW and Mercedes on all level and will continue to do so. Proud to have advanced before the crowd.

    BTW, Lexus is a Toyota brand, stay away from Lexus!!


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  130. sebo says:

    The Audi surpasses both BMW and Mercedes on all level and will continue to do so. Proud to have advanced before the crowd.

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  132. Stephen says:

    Anyone know if these billboards are still up? I’ll be driving through the area soon and want to check them out.

  133. ugg boots says:

    Wow, was so excited to get these boots but couldn’t even get my foot in them and they are supposed to run big? I have a wide foot so that might be an issue but I literally could not get my foot down into the boot. If it had a zipper, it might have worked. Very disappointed.

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  136. Jack Brown says:

    Great blog. Keep up the messages. I appreciate you taking the time to post this information! :)

  137. mike says:

    Both Audi and BMW are best in their kind. Both have unique in design and performance. I like the performance of BMW cars. Among them toyota avanza is also in my list of favorites

  138. fredy says:

    Audi ???? just another VW , another lets follow BMW !!! I’m waiting to see what comes next. They are so jealous of the leader !!!! just wait in line like all others who imitate BMW and dont understand what it means to be an independent Co. not owned by a board of incompetent people who make and decide projects following others!! VW is just like GM they want to be big and clumsy, remember the bigger they are the harder they fall ! ( Toyota anyone!!) .

  139. Twining says:

    Actually Audi did win the Billboard War Posting this;

    After that the BMW remove the Billboard :)

  140. Ichliebe says:


  141. Haha ~ @URSanchez:twitter 

  142. Audipage says:

    “DO WE NEED TO MOVE?”, this can be a the reply!!!

  143. HSRP says:

    The Registration plate shall bear nine characters, laser branded into the reflective sheeting and would act as a permanent consecutive identification number. The hot stamping film shall bear a verification inscription.

  144. HSRP says:

    The Registration plate shall bear nine characters, laser branded into the reflective sheeting and would act as a permanent consecutive identification number. The hot stamping film shall bear a verification inscription.

  145. Alleykatt28 says:

    a bmw

  146. Interesting
    to know about ‘Billboards War: BMW vs. Audi’. BMW and Audi, both are
    respected and luxurious car brand in the worldwide car market. They have been
    making fantastic cars. 

  147. Matthew Gouger says:

    Response to Audi’s “Chess? No thanks, I’d rather be driving” response to BMW’s “checkmate” billboard response to Audi’s intial ad “your move, BMW.”…………..

    “Are you talking on your cell phone? I hope you’re insured. I’d rather focus on the road.”

  148. Alex says:

    How about Mercedes puts up a billboard above them with the CLS saying “Children, stop bickering”

  149. Wizz__kidd says:

    Audi R8

    “It was a trap”

  150. This is my first time to see a billboard war. So epic war! BMW won based on the size of the billboard. Haha!

  151. Pedro says:

    i like how bmw made it classy by replying with “checkmate.” but, bmw shoudlve replied with something simpler like, “…just did.” That way it would gives a sense that bmw doesnt even have to try to make it self look better (even though it is). Also, seeing as how audi replied with “chess? no thanks, i rather be driving” bmw should reply saying, “…then stop fooling around and get in.” (with a picture of the drivers door open showing the inside of the m3 driver seat)

  152. TaC says:

    Audi: “Check again” with a bigger and better billboard. LOL

  153. Tom Ford says:

    Been there, done that.

  154. […] and a lot of friendly banter among racing teams. In particular, German manufacturers famously had a billboard battle over who had the best cars. Does Yamauchi see that sort of relationship spilling over into the […]

  155. […] and a lot of friendly banter among racing teams. In particular, German manufacturers famously had a billboard battle over who had the best cars. Does Yamauchi see that sort of relationship spilling over into the […]

  156. […] and a lot of friendly banter among racing teams. In particular, German manufacturers famously had a billboard battle over who had the best cars. Does Yamauchi see that sort of relationship spilling over into the […]

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