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Last week, our article on why should you have run-flat tires on your BMW stirred controversy among the bimmer fans and owners. As promised, I am back with the second part of the article in which we will expose the advantages of having REGULAR tires on your BMW. Together with Randy and Lance, two of our readers, we put together an interesting list of why one shouldn’t get the run-flat tires and the reasoning behind it.

One of the advantages of run-flat tires is the ability to drive 150 miles on them at 50 miles an hour. One might argue how convenient this solution really is especially if you’re out of town on a trip and desperately looking for a repair show. Having a run-flat go bad could cause further problems, especially finding a shop that can handle mounting these tires within 150 miles and having a suitable replacement tire in stock.

With the full-size spares BMW used to offer, getting a flat was a 25-minute pause, after which you could go on with your trip. On top of this, you could drive at full speed, with unlimited mileage and worry about the flat when  you reach the final destination.

Here are some disadvantages of using run-flat tires, cons that turn into pros of using a regular tire:

  1. The run-flat tires (RFT) can usually not be repaired in the case of a puncture, so instead of a simple puncture costing $20, you’ve got to replace the whole tire.
  2. RFTs can malfunction, defeating their intended purpose to begin with, or be damaged in such a way that getting the typical 150mi@50mph is no longer possible.
  3. Run-flats are more expensive to buy, more expensive to install and offer poorer performance.
  4. Lifespan is half of that of normal (even with regular monitor of pressures).
  5. Costs 50% more than normal tires on average.
  6. The ride is more uncomfortable, especially if you have 17″ upwards.
  7. Increase the running costs of ownership. Normally a tire lasts you a good average of 50,000 miles (80,000 km).
  8. Not all tire shops have RFT
  9. Unpleasant ownership as you always have to worry about getting a puncture and always hoping that the warning does not appear.

As an ending statement, Lance and Randy are telling us what customers really want:

  1. To be given the option between a run-flat tire or regular
  2. Have a more attractive and durable run-flat tire product (longer life span, be able to repair punctures)
  3. Replacing your standard run-flats with regular tires should be allowed by the computer system without setting off the barrage of warnings that are currently associated with running non-RFTs on RFT-equipped cars.
  4. Including a full-size spare in ALL new cars (RFTs and non-RFTs), so people with RFTs have the option to make the swap in case they are not near home.

In the end, I believe it’s a matter of personal choice, where some people have different expectations than others from their own cars.

If you would like to read more about run-flat vs. regular tires, head over to our previous article, many readers have chimed in and the comments are very detailed.

Thanks for the great article Lance and Randy!

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