Every day we bring you some of the most interesting and unique articles, but the one that I am posting right now is most likely the most unique BMW related subject I have covered in months.

An article by NY Times talks about BMW’s Chief of Design, Chris Bangle and the GINA Light Visionary Concept model which was unveiled last year. You would assume that it’s just another article on one the most interesting BMW concepts, but it turns out that ….you’re far off.

Mr. Bangle spent a semester at the prestigious Harvard University Grad School of Design teaching together with a Berlin based architect, Frank Barlow, a course in which students applied the philosophy and technology behind the GINA Light Visionary Concept to low-cost housing.

BMW GINA Housing
A rendering of a project by Ignacio Gonzalez Galan

The automobile, Mr. Bangle reasoned, had helped shape the suburban landscape. The class would ask whether ideas for reinventing the automobile could in turn help reinvent the suburban house. The goal was to develop “futuristic housing concepts from the design principles of a new elastic skin technology that challenges architecture as something fixed and static.”

As expected, the response and the numbers of students interested, was overwhelming.

Here is the full article, but let me leave you with a quote from Chris Bangle:

He said he was amazed by the variety of the concepts. “There was one house that got fat if the owner had too many possessions,” Mr. Bangle said.

Great PR for BMW and way to think outside the box!