With just a week left before we enter a new year, we would like to take a few minutes to outline our achievements in 2008. With your help and your support, BMWBlog has reached new milestones in 2008. Back in February, we went through a major and important phase: the old edBMW Blog has become www.bmwblog.com. A new name, a new identity and higher expectations.

With the help of our great team here – which I will outline in a second – since February, we have written 1, 096 articles which received over 7,000 comments. We believe these numbers are impressive and were achieved by a small team that dedicated their time in researching and writing about our favorite brand: BMW.

Also in February, we started our journey with around 300 RSS subscribers and within 10 months, we have 3,025 readers that chose to receive our articles through the RSS Feed or by email. Again, very proud of this achievement as well and I would like to thank you again for reading our blog.

Reaching all these milestones throughout the year, gave us more strength and motivated us in overachieving our goals, and you, our readers, played a major role in this. All the comments that you have left on our articles, all the emails that we received with tips, questions or concerns, were and are greatly appreciated. I have done my best to answer all of you, but if I have forgotten to do so or replied with a delay, I apologize, hopefully in 2009, I will organize my time even better.

And to go back to the great team here at BMWBlog, a team which volunteered to write for us and contribute to the growth of our blog, I can only say great things about them and I consider all of you my friends.

So, in no particular order: Josh, Andrew Murphy, Benny, Al, Carversation, Giom, Andrew Mrozinski., Jake, Jason, Mike D., Stefan, Mauro.  You guys are great. Period.

Last but not least, I would like to take a moment of your time to officially thank some of our most loyal readers, you guys through your comments, have made this a better place, more entertaining, but most important, VERY informative. Thank you also for correcting our little mistakes that we have made sometimes and your feedback was always taken into consideration. 

So, from the top of my head: Lee, Jon H, Doug, Lance, Roffle Waffle, Mauro, Adood84, Auday, L1ndja, BMW Sales, Matski, Volan, Andys120, Artmic, Brookside, Gil, Bunker. Sorry if I missed someone, but these are just some names that I see daily in the comments section so it was easier to write them down. Everyone’s comments are greatly greatly appreciate it and I encourage you to comment even more. BMWBlog prides itself on offering a civilized place where constructive conversations are encouraged and embraced. 

Since I would like to keep this as short as possible, I will not get into the New Years resolutions, a topic which will be discussed on January 1st, so once again:

Thank you everyone and welcome to our BMW Blog!